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25-5-2018 XB12R dyno, inspection, X1 restauration

21-11-2018 - What did we do today: 25-5-2018 hot Buell XB12R making ready for dyno tuning, Buell XB12R service inspection, Buell X1 mechanical restauration

customers own headers of and our dyno measure headers on.. with 2 extra O2 sensor bungs 

engine up again

mounting a fitting clamp on the exhaust pipe

the stock clamps are a little large for thin wall pipes

down side flat exhaust gaskets..

you can not play a little with tension on the header nuts to align holes better.. anyway no drilled the hole a little bigger..

as this is also start up after customer rebuild, breakin oil on the bike, for the first heat cycles and first 50 km 

connecting top side

mounted the exhuast as far to the left as i could get it .. so we can suck the  exhaust gasses better

loose gearbox breather hose will brun to the header ziptie to the startermotor cables


fuel in

low level turns off..( we replaced the sensor )  but oil  pressure warning light douse not burn

quick check as this is a ground switched sensor

connector hold to ground the light works.. sensor is broken

long thin socket make years ago.. works perfect

zip tie the wires to the sensor

working :-)  always nice to know when you have oil pressure

i'm sure the owner has the battery strap.. for the dyno i will ziptie it , so it will not rattle out

time for service on a other Xb12r 

oil light working.. but neutral switch is not

just things i notice .. seat has been mounted wrong for some time the bracket is pushed down

front forks in chopper mode, the highest posible 

and oil in the airbox.. as the last time we had this bike in was 2015 for small service ( no air filter was taken of ) hard to tell how bad it is.. if this is 16000 km .. ? i will note this.. engine is due for fresh cylinders / piston rings

little debris on the oil drain plug.. some normal for the pre 06 engines

? clutch was not set good ? no free play here

ha.. ok.. cable adjuster lock nut also not tight .. no wonder the clutch free play walked off

gearbox drain back in

gearbox oil in

i will overhaul the rear caliper.. as the brake pads wear un even

sort intermezzo mij 10 oçlock... apointment

chin spoiler is starting to crack

bling will be mounted.. lighter, stronger in 1 piece, carbon

using some 5/16 hose and cut small rings of, so you can mount the carbon piece better, as the rubber will also clamp

looks good.. and will hold better against the vibrations

very nice bike btw ;-)

ok on with the normal program  xb12r , front spark plug from below

the bike made a hell off a noise  .. looking at the chain it is way loose

the tension should be about here .. it wil run much smoother 

rear wheel check.. taking off the lower fender is usefull, just works better

rear tire is about gone .. even with the suspention setup.. will still feel bad

bearings are ok..

mesuring resistance on the neutral switch.. way to much to let the light work

belt of the sprocket and 5/8 thin high socket, under a angle to remove the neutral switch

check with new sensor.. 0.7 Ohm.. near perfect

my dirty hands make the wheel clean ;-)

fresh rubber and a little cleaning

some never seas on the screws

rear brake.. lightly mounted to hold it on , cap of with screw driver did not succeed

neede to give it a tap with a impact driver, not to hard you bend the bracket

front and rear bolt out

the slider pin is bone dry 

with the caliper is not sliding very good... outside pad is wearing very much compaired to the inside

one cause the rubber is broken

clean and pre lube

new rubber and press in to push the grease in deep

this one go out in the trash..

new pads and pin

moving to the top 

need to route the wireing better, it is marking the rocker cover

inspecting the plug cables are ok

other rubbing markings

mnn see this more isiolation pulls back leaving the wires naked.. no issues from the customer driving.. so wil try to isolate these

lock wedge out the connector

secundariy lock and push out the terminals

some heat shrink tube

terminals back in

check it is working :-)

and base plate cleaned and back on

airfilter cleaned and prime with filter oil

front end check

wheel bearings ok 

adjusting the clutch cable

fresh brake fluid and cleaning out the reservoir

bending the seat tab so the seat sildes under this and not over.. carefull they break very easy

and she  is ready to go

2e heat cycle on the hot xb12r.. put a start mapping in there .. the 1250 and cams need some taiylor made mapping

X1 project.. cover back from the customer

and new flyscreen needs to be mounted

first time in 5 years a full battery in ;-)

need to fix the intake temp sensor, as it would not fit the cosmetic cover 

some more rusty bolt change

cosmetics will come . for now mechanical good.. and sound.. in 2 year complete strip down and make it nice

new flyscreen bling with new bolts

the mirror mount made the brake lever bind

intake air temp sensor , take the connector of

wires need to be longer..

with extention wires in the force pipe

still need to cut some of the sensor

oose pins protected with heat shrink... and taped so it hold on in the sensor not really perfect... 

wires conected to the bike