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1-6-2016 Uly time diagnose , belt tensioner,

16-7-2016 - 1-6-2016 ulysses time to diagnose, belt tensioner, looking for missing screw ( throttle shaft broke )

Uly in trouble, riding 2 up 

bike is used under heavy load, we need to replace the rear shock to , as it the dampening is gone

first toughts ... 2 up problems... ecm / under seat , cracked ecm 

bought connectors are cracked but it douse not seam to influance the running 

as the bike starts to missfire and run bad , checking the sparkplug cables to and electrics under the airbox .. all look ok

as the bike is used with much load... trying the isolators if there still ok. and not to much engine movement ( cable harness problems ) 

the dealer never aplied the recall for the bank angle sensor , this is stil mounted in front off the battery, this can also be the cause 

but the list off hystorical errors looks more ecm problem / ground problem —

wiggeling the cable harness , i can stop the engine 

so looking at the harness first , carefullly cutting away the isolation 

moutning belt tensioner XB.. pully cover off 

loosen the axle pinch bolt

and loosen the rear axle to get the belt tension off

15 turns and the axle will slide on the narrow part this loosens the belt tension 

original bracket + idler off 

and take the idler wheel out , as we need to reuse it

in the kit 2 thick washers, put these on the studs as we need this to give the tensioner room enough not to slam in to the exhaust bracket 

spacer the idler out in between the tensioner 

check the clearance to the bracket 

and tighten the belt by screwing the axle back in , tighten to 66 Nm and fasten the pich bolt 

now if you push on the belt you will notice the belt tensioner moves :-) for longer belt life and wheel bearings 

last thing you need to make a little more room in the pulley cover outerwise this will rubb against the idler pully 

in from Germany.. Uly douse not run / bad with lots off noise , we already checked the primairy and engine sprocket nut , these where tight , and sound seams to be comming high up in the heads 

so top side strip.. mnnn looks like piston rings are almost worn out.. to much case pressure blowing out oil through the vents 

mnnn ok explains the not / bad running ... throttle body shaft broke... but where is the missing screw ?!!? —

broken shaft piece is still on the cam

so engine rotation to have a better look 

o yes... allweather riding bike ( road salt ) .. this is going to be fun..

that is one broken screw 

front pully is nice, but i wonder why the did not put back on the lock plate for the nut , or made a lock to prevent this nut to come loose ( happens more often ) 

ok 2 broken bolts and a cable cut off further... i'm not going to mount this again... heavy corroded stock mufler 

with a little help the front engine bolt started to loosen

wil clean this one and put some neverseas on it before it put it back 

mnnn not much left off the exhaust nuts 

this will be fun 

first get the throttle bodie off 

mnnn will ad a pair off plug wires to the list , if you need to pig tail theme, there to long.. and will rubb against everything

and i'm sure isolation tape is not ment to be used to hold theme on

throttle bodie off 

details off the broken shaft 

so only missing is the screw , pritty shure it has been eten by the engine , could explain the noise

first i want to check the compression, fuel pump connector off, will need to clean this one to , terminals are corroded 

ok rear one little over 10 Bar , could be the piston rings to 

front one looks better 

so off with the head, rear one first, but first i need to get the header off, rear one 2 down 

front one socket 10 mm hammered on , 3 down 1 to go 

last one broke... not bad as i expected to need to drill out all 4

about every bolt is corroded heavy ,top engine mount bolt 

rear rocker cover off

and rocker box off 

pushrods out and loosening the head bolts , to take the cylinder head off 

hehe... found the screw... hammered in the cylinder head by the piston

the bore looks bad.. as i expected

you see the 2 ring is almost complety shiny, as a indication this is worn out 

hammer marks on the piston , i will tell the customer the news and make a repair offer for him... still some things unsurten , how much did the big end bearings where hurt... i can not feel excessife freeplay ,( engine has done 50000 km ) but metal to metal contact can leave marks in the bearings