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What did we do today 8-1-2016 XB9R big maintenance

12-1-2016 - What did we do today 8-1-2016 2003 XB9R big maintenance

XB9R 2003 TLC, nice XB9R in for some love and repairs

om the hunt for some rattles. the seat cowl is ratteling

you can see the wear marks on the frame, i will bend the front tab a little so it will clamp more firm

missing seat screw

the tread was a little damages, i could fix it by retapping it

there is also a rattle in the front fairing , when you bump it i could hear it a little

i noticed the speedo is rattleing, need to take the fairing off for this, first the mirrors and indicators

than the lower 2 screws for the screen, and you can take off the front fairing

the head lights are upgraded smile-emoticon allready, the adjuster tabs have a little play, will secure these

if you take the speedo and you can move it 1 cm the rubber cousing is gone

so need to get to the 3 8mm nuts and take the speedo off

for that you need to remove the head light assembly, 2 top screws holding the light frame and ecm

and the 2 bottom screws for the light frame, only need to be loosened as there is a slot where the nuts slide in

so acces to the speedo

most easy to disconnet the connector from the top side pul the speedo off and pul the plug

you see the rubber busings have worn out , making metal to metal contact ( rattleing )

new bushings in and mount it all back

mnnnn missing pinch bolt rear axle

and the rear axle is gorrila tight , need the cheater bar to loosen the axle

with the axle loose, and belt tension off , i remove the idler pully for the next job, looks like the belt is been slipping over the pully

customer asked to replace the crappy aftermarket exhaust back to the stock on ,as we need to mount the original exhaust saddle bracket back, i remove the old exhaust now, drain the oil and loosen the oil lines , so rear mounting loose

exhaust is been repaired severall times , and 3 chin spoiler brackets are broken off , exhaust and chin spoilers have a very hard life on buell's

draining the oil , gearbox and engine

front plug out, was a little loose ( to loose in my opinion )

as this is a 2003 model with 35000 km.. and no way off telling if the primairy chain tensioner has been replaced , i take the cover off for inspection

as i suspected... lot off people do not look at these. the old black tensioners do wear, and should be inspected every 16000 km service , the later blue tesioners show almost no wear over there life

lets see if i remember correctly wink-emoticon

yep it did look to much, this one is due for replacement

will mount back the new Blue version, with much longer service periode

primary cover back on, and tq down the screws

fresh gearbox oil back to level, and mount and adjust the clutch mechnisme

little cleaning and neverseas on the shifter shaft never hurt

loosening and removing the oil lines in the swingarm

whil the 2 bigger nipples are okish with a normal spanner the small one i would advice to use a line spanner , you round out the flats on the 7/16 in the blink off a eye

oil lines loose slide the exhaust bracket over the lines

and before you mount the bracket, start the oil line first , as these can be a B*tch to put back in under tension and cross thread very easy

bracket on, and adjusting the primary chain tension

belt inspection.. on these 2003 belts you need to look on the outside for cracks

there is one

and another few... these 2003 belts have a service life recommandation. and i will contact the owner to ask for permission

but first on with the rest... rear wheel bearing check... yep replacing needed

original exhaust needs to be mounted

now mounting exhaust on buell models is easy, but some tips can be very usefull. mount the rear straps loosely at first

tighten the front strap and look for the front bracket to be flush with the exhaust

tape a mallet and tap on the header connection so to free the tension in the headers , tighten the hanger bolt, and loosen the front strap and retighten not to hard, and retighen the rear straps , than fasten the exhaust clamp

with the exhaust on, the idler pully put back on , tighten de axle and belt, with the 2003 models take care the metal backing plate is line up when you put the pully cover back on

and dont forget the pinch bolt wink-emoticon

back to the top... spark plugs and arifilter , a pitty the bolts spin when i try to remove the cover plate

off course i can get it off, but i can not mount it like this .. will fix this

first the spark plugs , check the sparkplug wires

if you see cracks with the white inner lying, put new ones on

tapped the bolts with full threads so i can mount a locking nut so i can mount it in a good fashion

airtfilter back on

to give the seat screws a longer life, i mounted a battery charger cable , so the seat douse not have to be removes all the time to hook up a charger

bike swapped aroung, front end service and check

yeah.. no surprice there, these are gone, i could already feel these when i pushed the bike in

the spacer is also crushed to much, so it will not support the inner races anymore, you can mount new bearings but when your spacer is to small these will go bad way to soon.. with a new spacers with good lenght they will hold out much better