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30-6-2016 wrong model pegs, XB12S blowing bubbles

16-8-2016 - 30-6-2016 wrong model pegs, XB12S blowing bubbles cylinder base gasket , Xb12STT not running nice , Uly belt

test drive this 2010 Sx... mnnn need to lift my left leg much higher... common mistake wrong peg mounted...

straight one from a R ( Firebolt ) was mounted on the right side

easy fix... strong tumb.. to push the spring back in

and tap the pin home aline the peg while your doing this

very nice XB12S, looks clean

base gasket is blowing oil bubbles , as i heared from the customer this has been replaced already ?

ok strip down... airbox off

i will remove this intake sound restriction for the customer... to release some horsies ;-)

velocity stack was not pushed on deep enough leaving a gap... bad for air flow

top side loose and disconneted

loosen clutch cable adjuster

remove the left peg bracket

yeah i know it is easy like this, but looks like shit and it is the first thing to the ground and will snag pushing the bike on a trailer / ramp , will mount these back nice

frame insert is loose , best way to remove keep tension on the bolt with the 3/8 spanner so i can turn the ratched against the rubber torsion , this can take a few turns before the bolt comes loose

frame insert out...

as the thin nut is hard to turn, and the bumb plate can be a pain to remove with the very tiny allen head

using some spacers on the front engine bolt, and the thread insert on... red loctite on the insert

and screw it in.. leave itfor the loctite to cure , than you can remove the bolt easy

where where we...engine down.. and cables out the way

header bolts off

and header off

intake manifold off

and out

so now on to the head it self

top mount off and coil bracket removed

the spark plug cables did not click off , infact the felt loose

and with the rubbing marks... i think i'm going to replace these aswell

the cap ends are bend and corroded

top rocker cover off... mnnn a little silicone is ok to keep the gasket in place... really no need to paint it with silicone

piece off rag right corner, when loosening the rocker box it will leak some oil there

loosen the bolt evenly , and take the rocker box off

the bumpsticks out... notice the oil draining out.. good thing

on to the head bolts .. 3 out off 4 where not as tight as they should be ... mental note .. check the studs , if there pulled out or streched

pulling off the cylinder head... head sticks to the cylinder

light tapping, and the head came off.. ok not again... they put old style O-rings around the dowls and used a new style headgasket... i think we need to put labels on all head gaskets... not to do this

the new style ( already a long time on production ) headgaskets do not work well with o-rings , infact i think this made the base gasket leak as the right tq on the gaskets and studs , tighened with the 1/4 turn methode

you can see the head gasket was also not sticking fully

pushrod covers off

cylinder base looks perfect.. nice job removing the old base gasket :-)

gasket looks also in place

but you can see on the basegasket one side is crushed

and the other side looks like new , because there was not enough tension on the bolts

but looking on. piston rings are worn out

and what sould look like a nice cross pattern..

looks like straight stipes all over... this bore is toast

after calling the customer what to do... slap on and get it going with the change off over heating / seasing the rear one.. or fix it right... decision to make it right was a easy one , so front one off aswel

rocker box off

old style head gasket with o-ring :-) looks good

still a little cross hone left but also some stripes , these will be send off to our machine shop for a nice and fresh bore and hone

engine back up, w-brace mounted back for side support and a trap to hold the engine up... so i can park it and wait for the cylinders and oversize pistons to arrive

yes they still are around , original STT models ;-)

customer has worked on the intake seals, but she is still not running nice.. tps is a little to the low side ? not set correctly , or not set al all ?

eeehhh where is the idle adjuster ?

so first to look for the idle adjuster... manoman.... please use the right size TQ it is T27 ,

if you use t25 the heads will burr and slip after time, needed to tap in my t27 key in all off theme now because off the burring

ahhh there is the idle adjuster

and the wiring looks like a mess under the bonnet, will clean it up a little

is handy having it here ;-) when adjusting with out airbox , after some adjusting it runs allot nicer already... to morrow test ride

tps sensor wire, ziptie it to the fuel rail.. the sensor wires will live longer

belt quicky ... flintstone Buell nice but hard work.. lets put a belt back on

swingarm brace off footpeg plate off and rear fender right side loose

pullys still look ok , about 20000 k done with this belt , but in rough conditions

turn back the axle so the bearings rest on the thin part off the axle

and rotate the belt on... they can be very tight

now before you tighten the belt... put the swingarm brace back in first

tighten the axle and the pinch bolt , ready for the road again