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04-02-2015 Buell1125 CR for Big service repairs

6-2-2015 - A other 1125 CR for Big service ,repair and making here run again over from Germany , and helping out a budy custom paint job striping some engine parts

A other 1125 CR from Germany, for service and repairs, as the Stator burned out the 2014 season ended short.


big Service 1125CR,stipping body panels , a other map sensor put in upside down.


big Service 1125CR, and looks the stator has beenreplaced before, as the wires are put back with a short cut ,running up next to the cylinder outside.


big Service 1125CR , tried to measure the stator, but can't measure anything, battery flat, and you can only really tell the stator is bad by measuring AC voltage while running.


big Service 1125CR , so starting striping the rest for the big service, end cap exhaust is loose, willput a new screw in


big Service 1125CR, axles can be tight, using a breaker bar often.


big Service 1125CR,rear wheel bearings feel a little gritty i willchange these, they will not hold untill the next service.


big Service 1125CR, new bearings in thighten back the axle.


big Service 1125CR , as the rear tyre is almost gone, will advice the customer to check the rear pads with the tyre change.


big Service 1125CR, check the rear brake master on binding.


big Service 1125CR,oil drain,


big Service 1125CR, as we need to check and replace the stator , loosening the cover while the oil is draining ,timing sensor out.


big Service 1125CR, the cover off, roasted is good for a lot off things... not for the stator .


big Service 1125CR,we will also fix this better, mounting a oiljetted rotor, loosening the sprag clutch bolts is easy with the rotor still on the bike.


big Service 1125CR ,lining the gears.


big Service 1125CR , rotor off , and a look on the oil channel in the crank we are going to use for the oil jet, makes you wonder why they did not do this out off the factory ?


big Service 1125CR , the starter clutch is usualy sticking on the rotor, with 2 bolts in the other way around, you can tap the starter clutch off with a drift.


big Service 1125CR , clutch removed from the rotor.


big Service 1125CR ,clean the threads, to clean for the new loctite.


big Service 1125CR , also clean the flats surface ,can be a coat off hardened loctite residu.


big Service 1125CR ,and off course clean the bolts , run a little thread chaser over theme.


big Service 1125CR, for mounting it is way more easier to first put the gear and starter clutch back on, a little starter lube will prevent it from running dry.


big Service 1125CR, and the starter clutch on ,also lube it soit will not run dry.


big Service 1125CR,clean also the back side off the rotor from loctite residue.


big Service 1125CR ,as the old rotor was in good shape , we have some ready to go replacements usualy in stock ,al ready with oiljet , line uo the starter clutch holes and slide the rotor on.


big Service 1125CR , TQ the 6 bolts to 35 NM with green loctite 648.


big Service 1125CR , 272 loctite on the crank threads , and tighten to 400NM with a new nut.


big Service 1125CR , timeto close up the bottom of the engine, new o-ring for the oil filter cap.


big Service 1125CR ,and push new filter in the cap, and mount it back.


big Service 1125CR ,removing the stator for now, as we are waiting on new stock, sales have been more than normal the last weeks 


big Service 1125CR , cover back on with a few screws, and removed the crankplug sowe can turn the engine over to check the valve play.


big Service 1125CR , after a few days on the charger, the battery has been reconditioned and good.


big Service 1125CR ,strange things you notish , clutch lever pivot has come loose ,and isonly hold on by the mirror ?


big Service 1125CR , pivot back in and new lock nut mounted.


big Service 1125CR , bike turned around , radiators loosend to get to the K-brackets.


big Service 1125CR , front end ready to betaken out.


big Service 1125CR , the 8 pot calipers have 2 slots in the back, line theseup with the spokes in the wheel to get the caliper off.


big Service 1125CR , will ask the customer what he wants ? the pads are almost don.


big Service 1125CR , loosen the clutch line , to give more play while rotating the engine.


big Service 1125CR , losening cables and connectors top side before engine rotatio.


big Service 1125CR , engine mount bolts removed pull out the right middle spacer, so the O2 senso wire cango past it.


big Service 1125CR , taping on my working flash light.


big Service 1125CR , free the horn wires and in this case pull the rear O2 sensor wire gently so it has more slack.


big Service 1125CR , engine down.. fron plug out, looks good.


big Service 1125CR , front valve cover removed...i see something ugly, the tight cam lobe is loosing its hardness , as a piece has already came out.. will dicuss this with the customer.. first check the rest off the cams.


big Service 1125CR , measured valve play ,to tight.


big Service 1125CR , front cover back on to protect from dirt, remove the rear cover...loosening the left fuse box and the start solinoid,will give the cable harness more slack to remove the rear valve cover.


big Service 1125CR , rear valve play needed adjustment, ,check adjust and check again.


big Service 1125CR rear cover, as putting the cover back on is a little bit off a pain.. i glue the gasket on the cover with a little silicone, it is to easy to misplace this gasket while, wresteling the rear cover back on, and very hard to see if the gasket isin place.. to much work todo it again when the gasket is leaking oil.