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2-6-2016, intake seal Xb 08-up in a little more de

7-7-2016 - 2-6-2016, intake seal Xb 08-up in a little more detail

Nice 08 XB12S in for leaking intake seals and bad running , we already diagnosed this 

so cover off 

and complete airbox removed

velocity stack off, note the vacuum port cap is off , as this was dry i put a new one on 

to get to the throttle cables , as we need to loosen the lock nuts , and for getting the throttle bodie in and out best to remove the coil 

remove the throttle cables in the handle 

and give the lock nuts a few turns so there loose 

you can now take out the bridge 

and unscrew the lock nuts on the other side —

and unhook the cables from the throttle cam , loosen al the other connectors to the throttle body , other problem we need to look at the last part opening the throttle it douse not go well, and sticks in full throttle ( we could not calibrate the tps as it did not reach the full throttle twisting the throttle )

top tie rod needs to be loose , loosen the bolt and remove this bolt engine side 

for the lightning and firebolt models you need to remove the left footpeg bracket , other wise this will damage the primairy cover 

left airscoop off 

and cut the zipties and loosen the connectors side stand switch ( euro models ) and crank position sensor 

loosen the clutch cable adjuster , and turn it in full

and unhook the clutch cable

left scoop off , micron exhaust .. the lower screw is hard to reach , do not tighten this one hard when you put it in 

pulley cover off 

some after market exhaust can be jacked , other ones not .. if your not sure ask us, the Micron can is very strong , jacking in the front is no problem ( don't do this in the middle where there are no baffles ) 

with the engine supported... loosen the front engine mount bolt, in nice condition you should be able to turn it loose with your fingers after initial loosening

you can now drop the engine down.. and the injector wires are with in easy reach

cable harness pulled free so it it is out the way

now you can reach the flange bolts , the 08 up models use the upgraded wider flanges 

left side , remove the side support screw and remove the flange bolts 

the big flanges are good. but can be a pain to remove the throttle bodie if you pull one flange off , you have more room 

and pull the throttle bodie out fromt he top 

leak traces and hard rubbers

clean the head surface 

cleaned the throttle bodie and lubricate the mechnisme , it could not reach full , and was sticking on the return spring

clean the runners before you put on the new gaskets

fresh vacuum port cap on, this will not give a airleak disturbing the air/fuel mixture as it is located above the injectors, but will suck in unfiltered air 

flanges back on with the new gaskets, pointing down for mounting 

position the manifold, and put the side support screw in amd leave it a little loose , tighten the flanges evenly , than thighten the side support screw 

before you rotate the engine up, check the cable harness and conenctors are out the way from pinching under the frame and rocker cover 

engine up and tighten the front engine mount

pulley cover back on , use some loctite on the threads 

and position the v-bracket , starting the left side , works best ,

hool op the connectors and secure the wires to the front brace so they will not rubb 

foot peg plate back on, some loctite on the screws

clutch cable back in the lever, and adjust the outer cable adjuster 

throttle cables back on 

and put the cables in the grip so you can check the freeplay as you can adjust this with the nuts on the throttle body 

coil back on 

velocity stack back on 

airfilter back on and testing 

will adress some ground problems to, gound to rear is not really ok 

and it looks like the seat supports are painted but not cleaned off paint ... as this is a active gound connection, best to clean this from paint before you mount this