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16-10-2014 M2 88, small steps , XB damage repair.

28-10-2014 - Buell M2 88, small steps further. Buell XB Throttle cable , intake seals and rocker cover gaskets. BuellXB, X1 trouble shooting ,damage repair

M2 88, new engine... new Oil pressure sensor, really common that these fail after long time out the engine, so i put a new one in 


M2 88, new exhaust gaskets with Original headers ( proseries ) it is best to use the original conical exhaust gaskets


M2 88, and if the flange rings look like this , 
also better to put some new ones on , as they are bend conical and will not hold on very thigh.


M2 88, new flanges rings


M2 88 and pro Series header on, tighten the nuts one by one and line the header out so the front mounting point is in line and with out tension.


M2 88, nice.


M2 88, primairy drive on.


Xb12X, throttle was sticking... better replace the throttle cable , cable as almost broken


X1, trouble shooting, bike is really driving bad when cruising, and accelerating when hot.


X1, trouble shooting, measuring , and measuring, put the bike on the dyno to log some data.. while the engine temp sensor did measure good, i swaped it anyway, as i suspect this could give the injection some wrong reading, testing every thing felt good... so hope we have fixed this.


Xb12SCG , intake seals.


Xb12SCG , intake seals, but after last service the rocker cover gaskets become a little sweaty ?


Xb12SCG , intake seals, rear one more so, will replace the gaskets.


Xb12SCG , intake seals, mnnn ok shabby coating job on the rocker cover gaskets, and they did not clean the gasket mating surface , the engine heat made the coating soft and pushed the gasket in the coating.


Xb12SCG , intake seals, took some time to clean theme.


Xb12SCG , intake seals, off course rear one the same problem.


Xb12SCG , intake seals, after cleaning, rocker covers back on, and intake seals replaced.


Xb12SCG , intake seals, as the bike will be used on daily base the rear tire needed replacement to be ready for the bad weather, to morrow early morning test ride ( to check the bike ) and will be ready.


Xb mishap, bike fell over on the right side , luckaly not much damage, handle bar took most the force, and the foot peg broke.


Xb mishap, only a little bend.


Xb mishap, switches off and grip off to remove the clutch lever.


Xb mishap, new aluminium handle bar was chosen, measuring the grip and switch to dril the new locating holes


Xb mishap, with a little piece of tape , pushing the back cover off the switch it will leave a mark , as indication whereto drill.


Xb mishap, 4,5 mm dril and the switches will not rotate on you.


Xb mishap, we always glue the grips, a i really don't like loose grips.


Xb mishap, and nice handle bar cap mounted.


Xb mishap, some corrosion on the starter button connection, will address this now.


Xb mishap, and right side on the handle bar mounted.


Xb mishap, last thing the broken foot peg , and she is ready to go again