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3-8-2016 XB12R connector 77 problems,

26-8-2016 - 3-8-2016 Buell XB12R connector 77 problems, neutral switch, wheel bearing failure, X1 customizing

nice Xb12R in for charging problems

almost 6 figures , nice to see :-)

quick look at the stator out put and regulator diodes, the connector 77 looks fabricobeld already and bike starts to charge when i manipulate the connector 

yep, terminals been to hot, connector is melted , will do a service kit repair on this one

all black wires, you can mesure theme, easyer to mark theme ;-)

now first battery connections off , playing with these unfused thick wires

the service kit, instructions and a new connector ( the connector kit comes standard with a new regulator )

i will shorten the wires, to put new terminals on the clean wire

female connector needs to go on the wires coming from the regulator

terminals crimped on

and pushed in the connector , the orange rubber seal will make these watter tight

terminals in and place the lock wedge in the connector to secure the terminals

the end that runs to the battery... terminal has become hot, and lost the clamping force making things wurs, the connector plastic has melted

new terminals on the other end

and ready to test

customer also asked to check the battery and in case off any dought to replace it ... well with 100& charge and only 187 cca ( cold cranking amp ) this one is getting old, and when discharged a little and cold engine , it will give starting problems,

XB R easy to unhook the rubber strip and replace the battery

new battery in... 240 CCA already at 71%.. this is much better

testing the charging system... 14.4 at idle ... good to go

cleaning up the wire spagetti behind the pully cover , and ziptie it so it will not rubb so much

XB12SS neutral light bruning very dim, and starting issues

with the pully cover off you can locate the neutral switch wire

checking resitance 2,5 Kohm.. , start inhabiter will not come free / relais not working properly , neutral light douse not have enough ground to burn good... very common problem

support the weight off the bike, and loose the rear axle to remove the belt from the rear pulley

and remove the belt from the front pulley , thin walled 5/8 high socket you can just get in under a little angle , enough to remove and tighen the sensor

old sensor out, check you remove the aluminium cruch ring , leaving it on and put 2 rings on the neutral light will not work

checking resitance on the new sensor. 0,6 Ohm... very good

no more starting problems, and a bright burning neutral light

XB12SX 2010 with Uly front... a little strange to see.. but works for this customer a little wind protection

but bike came in with clunking noise in the rear .mmmnn really strange a 3 bearing wheel lost a bearing

rear axle was not tight ? perhaps the cause.. as i learned from the owner, bearings and tyres where replaced ? recently.. something was not done right

as the left ( single bearing side ) is completely destroid.. cage is cone and balls missing

i suspected the spacer was missing , but this was still in (spacer is for 2010 ( 3 bearing ) model wheels only )

the spacer is been chewed on aswell , i will replace it

new bearings, space and dust seals .. should be ok for a long time now

collegue was working on a valve play inspection 1125... need to call the owner... the front intake cam is loosing it top layer

not good

X1 customizing.... very nice bike an job...

i start with the rear... working forward, LSL rearset needs to go on , so removing the original parts

sucking the brake system dry before it loosen the connections

nicely carbon wrapped battery cover ( very rare these days ) i take this off to get to the original brake line connectoons

and loosening the brake light switch from the original line

new 4 pot rear caliper needs to go on


intergrated reservoir, normaly wil not fit with the X1 , but with this rear set no problem , so removing the reservoir hose and connection

cleaning up the feed port a little

and intergrated reservoir on

i need to cut the pushrod off the rear cylinder, i will put the pedal in place to check how much

ok this much needs to come off to make it work

looks better, and still adjusteble

looks better, and still adjusteble

use loctite .. buells vibrate ;-)

and loctite in the hinge bolt

one side down

other side to go ,

after removing the pinch bolt , do not try to open the shift levers with a screw driver... you will brake theme, if they come off very hard, better to use a tyre lever and some plastic protection

mnnn put on wrong at LSL , if you wonder why it douse not fit... check it and use loctite

adjusting rod on the bike

and if evertything is mounted correctly, you should clear the clutch cover easy