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8-10-2016... Uly exhaust problem, check up XB12SS

21-10-2016 - 8-10-2016 Buell Ulysses exhaust problem, check up Buell XB12SS , battery problem Buell 1125CR ;-)

tattleling and making noise 

bought front studs broke clean off 

i think the start was the front mounting bolt is missing ( ratteled out ? ) also notice the oil leak 

first things first, top side striping for engine rotation

and lower body pieces off

clutch cable adjuster loose so we can unhook the cable

front exhaust is broken off completely... lucky the header did not break to 

front side is already loose ;-) 

so rear straps off 

easiest i have done in a long time 

never seen this break off like this , usualy the header breaks first

engine weight supported 

and remove the front mount bolt , very dry this one starting to corrode, will lube it when it goose back in

disconnect the side stand and crank sensor wires

mnnn been rubbing... reisolate later 

engine down, disconnect the rear O2 sensor

how far down ? well just enough to have acces to the rear header bolts 

the rear ones usualy come off easy , the front ones can cause more problems , not in this case 

and header off

will zip cut the last piece off as i don't have the exhaust as lever now 

clutch cable a little in the way 

loosened the lower clamp to have acces

old gasket out

normaly you need 1 stud to position, but as the drill jig is a tight fit , lining up and tapping it snug in the port wil have to do

use very good dril bits

you will need a little peck drilling to clear the chips

and with a good ( high end ) drill bit , easy peasy , one down , one to go 

i will put in 1 stud first , so tapping the hole back to 5/16 UNC 

and stud in, 23 mm sticking out will do

so ready for number 2 

very nice XB12SS 09 in for a check up 

yep there out these... a shame really, life can get in the way... done 400 km last year 

so really basic.. belt no chips 

will change the brake fluid 

and after oil change she is ready to roll 

nice 1125cr came in .. battery problems...yeah right;-) 

will mount the exhaust better, this one os rubbing against the rear swingarm

so... stator is on 2 leads to ground 

and AC check... 2,8 volts charging... ok expected this, will plan the burned stator kit for this bike 

drilled and tapped hole number 2 stud can go in 

the loose flange has rattled the heat tape off , looks white , but on the inside , i think it was back ( the colour on these tapes is really a impregnated powder ) i will put back on and time and pressure washer will make it white very quickly 

header still looks ok... not a big fan off the tape , as the exhaust will corrode under it and the header will crank easier

i hade a little left gray / black , will power wash it to fade the color

header back on 

front engine bolt back in with some neverseas 

and tq to 66 Nm 

w-brace back on 

clean out the crank position sensor socket before you plug it in... common collector off road dirt and the connector will not lock anymore

ok oil leak... looks lke the filter is leaking 

yep... o-ring is pinched ( filter was also very tight )

new filter and a little cleaning , hand tight 

as we going to mount out TQ hammer exhaust, i take the side stand off to mount the chinspoiler bracket

use red loctite to mount the bolts

nice... still proud off these :-) very nice exhaust

assembled and exhaust on the bike 

now first put the rear straps on loosly 

and turn the exhaust so it cleas the side stand and swing arm 

than tighten the front hanger

tighen the rear straps and dent the straps so they follow the exhaust bracket , giving the idler pulley clearance

chinspoiler bracket on 

and give the front connection a few taps to get the tension out the header before you tighten the front clamp