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3-12-2019 XB12R service XB12X tail conversion

8-5-2019 - What did we do today: 3-12-2019 inspection XB12R, service XB12X ss tail section

60000 as we speak... in need of a service —

and at the front the exhaust is puffing 

the M8 bolts had come loose 

retaining ring looks ok... will see tightening if the leak stops.. other wise the header needs to come of

draining oil and rear wheel out, for new bearings

the bike did not start.. sounds like low battery.. but when pulling the clutch, it did start... common failure the neutral switch has to much resistance 

belt of and neutral switch out

the rear straps are why to loose .. looks like these have been strecht to much 

front bracket is also broken.. all in all douse not help

ols style side stand bolt.. still tight put red loctite on the last time :-) ( 10000 km ago )

new neutral switch 

and belt back on

our 11 o clock arrived... small check up.. very nice Uly with SS tail

beemer beams 

looks tight with a SS tail section 

cable harness uly is still in

so some room for the fuse box cover needs to be cut in the seat base plate 

ok oil out 

and we are going to remove the stock solinoid cables

rear wheel check ... bearings will not make it untill next service.. if in any dought change theme

swap bike around for front end check 

on the XB12R rear wheel also new bearigs and back on

needed to drop the exhaust a little to mount the new front barcket 

normaly front bracket breaks from the exhaust hitting stuf.. but this one looks ok

new straps , tight fitting

crap stuf... use a little never seas mounting these 

some struggeling to get the old one of 

bike starts better, but still the hassitation... cca is down 

front end check all ok

but front header was still puffing.. so engine needs roatatio

ratteling marks on the exhaust, signs it has been to loose 

engine ready to go down

yep... no tighening will help here.. gasket is broken

will put new retaining clips on .. these are not far from gone 

and while we are here... put the normal studs back in... will need a thread repair.

drilling OS for the timesert

chamfering , and tapping 

inserts glue theme inn 

and lock theme with the thread expander.