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12-8-2015 Uly love , Torque hammer exhaust time

13-8-2015 - What did we do today 12-8-2015 Uly love , Torque hammer exhaust time

Nice Uly in for maintenace, and performance upgrades

nice work on the stainless flyscreen, not sure i like the LED strips , need to hook theme up 

Uly TLC, neutral light is not working ,

Uly TLC, after running warm, drain the gearbox and engine oil 

Uly TLC, mnnn front strap broken... lucky the header or some studs did not break

Uly TLC, while draining stripping the rest off the covers

Uly TLC, loosening the outer adjuster clutch cable

Uly TLC, front spark plug best to change from below

Uly TLC, fresh gearbox oil in

Uly TLC, adjusting the clutch mechanism , and fresh gasket on. gasket

Uly TLC, checking the shifter bolts if there still tight — 

Uly TLC, checking and adjusting primary chain 

Uly TLC, loosen the rear axle pich bolt , and take axle out

Uly TLC, checking the rear bearing... ok for now, but with new tyre, bearings should be changed

Uly TLC, neutral switch, looking for a alternative way... belt off the pulley to make oem room , connenctor off. Switch

Uly TLC, and with a high thin walled socket 5/8, i can just get to the switch and have a good grip

Uly TLC, neutral switch is gone..

Uly TLC, little freubeling with your fingers to screw the switch in a few turns 

Uly TLC, and with the socket i could also tighten it good again, check the resistance... looks like working to me

Uly TLC, checking the belt... it will do , but keep a eye out for the wear marks become cracks 

Uly TLC, rear wheel back in, axle grease up like a eel in a bucked off snot wink-emoticon ( Dutch saying )

Uly TLC, spark plug... check the gap.. out off the box they are to tight !! , and ome never seas on the thread spark plugs:

Uly TLC, rust removeal ... old stock exhaust , clamps off 

Uly TLC, and the exhaust off , removing the rear straps

Uly TLC, time for the top side, airfilter off, and remove the base plate air filter:

Uly TLC, and the "difficult "spark plug , wobbel joint and long extencion

Uly TLC, take the sparkplug cables out and ceheck them on wear marks and corrosion on the connectors , before you put theme back on 

Uly TLC, airfilter base plate back on and K&N filter in. Air filter

Uly TLC, time fot the front end

Uly TLC take the wheel out and the forks, clean the lower ends off the forks, on a uly the suspension douse not reach this piece.. but when you take theme apart they will , and you will damage the seals if the lower ends are not clean

Uly TLC,nice progressive springs are mounted... only wrong way springs

Uly TLC, learned the old scool... half off the mass off the spring is unsprong weight, half sprong weight... the heavy part off the spring on top will reduse the unsprong weight... i wonder if you will ever notice this .. but i mount theme back the way i have learned it wink-emoticonsprings

Uly TLC, forks back in

Uly TLC, wheel back on , axle looks like it was never been out... will grease it up 

Uly TLC, hammer time, removing the side stand, to mount the spoiler brackets

Uly TLC, TQ hammer on. Exhaust

Uly TLC, nice —