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27-11-2014 M2 health check last things, XB service

28-11-2014 - Buell M2 health check last things. Buell Xb Service.

M2 health check last things, while changing the brake fluid on the rear caliper we noticed with would not pressure rise any more, and the brake fluid would not flow good, taking off the caliper and pushing the pedal we can see the piston move but it goose back the same amount, all signs the compensating hole is blocked in the master cylinder ( or the master cylinder piston is sticking )


M2 health check last things, so sucked out the brake fluid and removed the rubber gater.


M2 health check last things, c-clip out and the push rod comes out, normally the piston would come out to , so the master piston is sticking.


M2 health check last things, pushing the piston a few times , the piston came out.


M2 health check last things, clean and repair , using a repair kit ( new piston and seals )


M2 health check last things, mount back with some blue Lucas lube on the seals and piston, use a little grease on the pushrod ball, c-clip back in and push the rubber gater back carefull not to pinch the rubber, bleeded the system and all is working perfect again.


Xb Service, frame is still shiny after all these years Bling.


Xb Service, rear brake switch is not working any more , as on off the wires is corroded off.


Xb Service, replace the spark plugs, and inspect the cables on rubbing marks.


Xb Service, engine oil and gear box oil drain, fill to level.


Xb Service, clutch mechanisme back in and new gasket.


Xb Service, lift the rear wheel, shift the bike in 5e gear and push the engine aound , check for thight spots in the primary chain , and set the play on this spot ( best to check on 3 points )


Xb Service, rear wheel out, for bearing check , swing arm, wheel and tensioner pulley , and check the belt for cracks ( being the old style belt these can have cracks on the out side )


Xb Service, steering head bearings check, front wheel bearings check , and front fork oil replacement can be combined.


Xb Service, front brake pads are a little thin, and will not make it to the next service, better to replace theme now 


Xb Service,front brake fluid replacement.


Xb Service, and sucking the rear reservoir empty as we need to replace the brake light switch.


XB service , brake light switch off 
we have nice replacement switches for them look here:


XB service


XB service , we use the old cable to leave the oem connector to the bike, connectors to hook up the wires to getter is in the kit from the switch.


Xb Service, little heat shrink, to isolate and protect and the rear brake light works again.


XB service , as the battery was old, and the customer needed to keep it on the charger all the time, and the trip meter reset with every start , best to replace the battery, the CCA ( cold cranking amps ) was only 150 , and Buell's really like it to be above 200 to start normal.


XB service, Customer asked if we could mount a spring loaded tensioner, but off course.


Xb service, please use the big washers in the mounting kit off the tensioner, and put these on the studs , as the tensioner arm needs a little clearance to the exhaust bracket 


Xb Service, a drop off loctite on the nuts.


Xb service, as the spring loaded tensioner moves up and down we need to modifiy the pulley cover a little as it will tough the idler pulley , as you see here the clearance is to little.


xb Service, with a pair off side cutters , snip a little strip off plastic off the pulley cover , giving it enough clearance to the idler pulley.