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2-4-2015 Buell XB repairs.

3-4-2015 - Xb12S, TLC last thing cooling fan change , as the bearings are almost gone the fan makes a hell off a noise , with the a exhaust with jacking points easy job.


Xb12S, TLC, with the weight taken off the suspention, loosen the rear schokbolts ,lower.


Xb12S, TLC, and top bolts , the early frames the top bolt is hidden deep normal allen socket is not long enough.


Xb12S, TLC, now you can reach the screws holding the fan.


Xb12S, TLC, and like a chineese puzzle you can twist and turn the fan out.


Xb12S, TLC, disconnect the connector.


Xb12S, TLC, twist and turn the new fan in ( plug the connector back in first ) and secure it.


Xb12S, TLC, shock back in and test the fan for function... ,


Xb12S, TLC, and ready to go.


XB9 Sx service, i like my coffee black with cream wink-emoticon , my oils not, gearbox oil has allot off water inside.


XB9 Sx service, looks like the clutch cable boot has been acting like a funnel , will fix this.


XB9 Sx service, Xb vibrate ? yes they do, some times destructive , will weld the support back on , no warrenty it will not break again , but it will hold again for some time.


XB9 Sx service, as i do the "walk around the bike " i inspect the usual things, the brake was squiling ? yep there greasy and the pads are worn out, the right front seal is leaking.


XB9 Sx service,side stand pivot old model, check , and tighten.


XB9 Sx service, mnnn i wonder... will take the wheel out, i suspect bearings.


XB9 Sx service,the idler pully bearings are also gone.


XB9 Sx service,some fresh bearings in the rear wheel.


XB9 Sx service,belt shows some ware but no real cracks yet , will be point to keep a eye out.


XB9 Sx service, new bearings in the idler pulley, the spring back in from me easy with just my fingers and spiral the spring back in.


XB9 Sx service, exhaust off for welding.


XB9 Sx service, and start with the front end , caliper loose.


XB9 Sx service,wheel out ... shees that would not make a safe ride , pads are gone and greasy.


XB9 Sx service, the fork oil looks like this was in for a little longer than 16000 km.


XB9 Sx service,and off course the front wheel bearings are gone to , now i have a good indication on the repairs, i ask the customer for Ok , and first finish a other job.


XB12SCG , we had measured the regulator being broken, new one on.


XB12SCG , ,and tighten the screw.


XB12SCG , partnumber for the hard to find zipties for the regulator wire on the left airscoop.


XB12SCG , line theme up with the holes don't pull theme tight yet.


XB12SCG , first ,mount the left airscoop and make sure the regulator wires run nice , than pull the zip ties and cut the ends.


XB12SCG , hammer time , would not be needing this anymore weight loss is the cheapest HP you find.


XB12SCG , hammer time , left chin spoiler bracket mounted.


XB12SCG , hammer time, pre assamble the exhaust.


XB12SCG , hammer time, and put some nverseas on the stainless screws , as stainless to stainless will frees to each other.


XB12SCG , hammer time, exhaust mounted, put the rear straps on but not fully tightened, first tighten the front support.


XB12SCG , hammer timeand than tighten the rear straps.


XB12SCG , hammer time, K&n filter on.


XB12SCG , hammer time, reprogrammed the ecm with the fuel map and testing, runs nice and charges.