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11-10-2014 XB Service , XB indicator upgrade.

7-2-2015 - Buell XB12S service, long drive, and notification the bike has used a lot off oil. Buell XB12 Indicator upgrade, beautiful bike.

XB12S service, long drive, and notification the bike has used a lot off oil, ( a lighter weight oil was used to fill here up )


XB12S service, after checking the basic, like intake gaskets and basic running ( you get a feel for it after some time  oil drain.


XB12S service,spark plugs out.


XB12S service,belt should be kept a eye on , as it starts to have cracks.


XB12S service, rear wheel bearing could not be turned by hand.


XB12S service,, gearbox oil Formula+ in:


XB12S service, adjusting the clutch mechanism.


XB12S service,and checking the primairy chain tension.


XB12S service, brake pads rear are wearing un even, cleaning the front sliding bolt and give it a coat off grease will make it slide very easy again.


XB12S service, rear break put back with new pads


XB12S service, ready for top side , airbox cover off.


XB12S service, off course tighten the battery connections.


XB12S service, airbox base plate off.


XB12S service, and checking fuel pressure , as the fuel pump keeps running and douse not stop after 3 seconds , but pump has still enough pressure, so no leaking connections.


XB12S service, dropping the engine... some one has really tightened the front engine bolt, i broke my 3/8 bit in half.


XB12S service, so bring out the heavy stuff , and still needed to give it some effort .


XB12S service, same as the manifold bolts... heads are chewy, lucky i could get theme out.


XB12S service, little signs off leaking, intake seals are loose on the runner.


XB12S service, and some nicks.


XB12S service, idle cable holder was missing.


XB12S service, well we have some little spare parts ,out a new idle cable guide on the bracket.


XB12S service, manifold back in.


XB12S service, and spark plugs the easy way ( with engine rotated down )


XB12S service, and front bolt to TQ 


XB12S service, front wheel bearings are running crunchy.


XB12S service, a set off new ones in


XB12S service, and some new brake pads front


XB12S service, fresh brake fluid front and rear.

XB12S service, right side airscoop mounted inner and outer piece

and after running warm for 5 minutes , test ride... but as i tried to start the bike for the test ride , heard a noise and engine was blocked ? ok stop.. don't try any further, first investigate what is wrong .. i hope it is little like a dropped valve :-X i really hate when something like this happens.


XB12 Indicator upgrade, beautiful bike.


XB12 Indicator upgrade,, easy way to remove the rear indicators with a short tail.


XB12 Indicator upgrade,is to simply take the tail section off.


XB12 Indicator upgrade, and mount with the special kellermann nuts


XB12 Indicator upgrade, i always put a little loctite on the stem to indicator housing . so they will no turn loose.


XB12 Indicator upgrade, the DF series from kellerman comes with allot off wires


XB12 Indicator upgrade, but work very nice, better visible , as they burn as tail light and brake light , and still work as indicator.


XB12 Indicator upgrade, off course the front needs a upgrade to


XB12 Indicator upgrade, nice and bright as indicator.