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3-2-2016 Test bike TM engine rotation

5-2-2016 - What did we do today 3-2-2016 a little love for the shop mule , test bike Twin Motorcycles , engine rotation

our little shop Mule, in dyno trim. who is used to test and tune on the dyno, did give some odd readings, so a little love for here to make sure she is healty

first suspect, intake seals... yep looks like it 

so cover and airbox off the bike

intake air temp sensor , pushed out the airbox rubber, and the breather hose pulled out

top ground connection and tierod loose on the engine side and move it aside

fuel line off, push forward, press the 2 tabs, and pull the line off, 

remove the coil ( 08-up ) to have better acces to the throttle cable nuts 

loosen the throttle cables in the throttle control

lock nuts loose a few turns

and remove the lock tab

turn the inside nuts loose and pull the cables from the throttle cam 

loosen the throttle cable outer adjuster

and pull the cable out the lever 

left side scoop off 

for the S and R model for engine rotation the left foot peg bracket need to be removed, this will other wise damage the primairy cover 

loosen the 3 V-brace bolts, and in case off a 08 up bike unplug the conenctors for side stand and crank position sensor 

in this case i remove the exhaust, as the bike is a SCG and there is very little ground clearance , i have the bike already on a rear paddock stand

with a flat engine jack and a pice off wood so the header pipe will not rotate in the jack , lift the weight off the front engine mount 

you know when there is no load on the engine mount if you can unscrew it by hand after initial loosening 

i could win a fuw cm clearance by removing the front fender and rotate a little further, but by experiance i know this will do if the bike is on a rear stand 

engine down, and acces to the manifold bolts right side

and left side, also remove the center support screw

as the 2007 up flanges and throttle cable holder are very big , it cn be a hassle to get it out , as the flanges will not rotate much when they have been mounted for a long time

easy way to help pull one flange + intake seal off

mnn.. a little hardened by heat and time 

i also want to check the injectors , so idle air control solinoid removed, and unscrew the injectors holder

with the injector holder off you can pull out the injectors 

testing before cleaning, looking perfect 

after a little cleaning and fresh o-rings

all the Xb injectors 2004 and up spray directionaly into the intake port on the valve , if you forget the color code, the hole needs to point to the intake valve

injector back in place and intake air solinoid mounted back 

runners and cylinder head surfaces cleaned and new seals

with new seals you can turn the flanges to give a little more room to mount theme putting in the bolts in later also helps ( left side ) 

injectors wired up, green = rear , white = front and engine rotated back up, tighten the front engine bolt

footpeg plate and v-brace back on 

plug in the connectors , tps, iac 

and hool on the throttle cables

mount the trottle control on the handle bar , you can adjust it a little with the nuts so the cable adjusters on the handle bar can be used for fine tuning the little free play 

coil and engine ground / top tierod back on

velocity stack back on and base plate back on, make sure the base plate falls inbetween the rubber... and she is ready agian for some hard dyno work