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1-2-2019 XB12X short tail XB12 stator Buell M2

27-9-2019 - What did we do today 1-2-2019: Buell XB12X short tail finish, Buell XB12 stator and no.77 plug Buell M2 oil leak search

last things , needed to mount a small battery so all the electrics can be mounted nicer under the seat — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

as this is waiting on a problem to come — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

cable harnes isolated .. ecm fist — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

fuse box and battery next .. plenty room — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

just checking.. seat can go back on.. perfect we make it so

mounting the ecm to the undertray with ziptie

fuse box to it

and keep it functional

and creative with o-ring and zipties to secure the battery , using the foam pads that came with the battery under the fusebox and battery

pesky terminal screws.. a cut off piece of ziptie bended double wil holt it during mounting

check... and she runs smooth

now the customer can finaly ride here, first 2 tries the bike stopped

stator change XB , chin spoiler of

pully cover of

and draining the gearbox oil

clutch and inspection covers of

remove the shift lever

and take out the clutch mechanism

loosen the chain tensioner

stil draining.. move to the right side , cut the cables free

you need the big flat one ( first model plug ) and the big 4 pin , with only 3 pins in it

the 4 pin with 3 wires is the stator plug

disconnect and pull out the lock wedge out the connector

with a little pick push the locks a little out and pull the wires

so the wire ends are loose

now cover screws of

the primairy drive

clutch pulling plate out

engine sprocket , normal treads

clutch basket / main shaft left hand treads

remove the wire protecting plate

and plop out the plug and pull the wires out

T20 remove the stator screws

new stator on.

plug in and protecting plate on

primairy drive on.. need some turning to slide on the splines

use red loctite on these nuts

new gasket on

and cover back on you need to lift the chain up the tensioner shoe to push the cover on

tighten spiraling out

check chain tension

fil with oil

and adjust the clutch mechanism.. adjust the cable adjuster after

load test idle.. looking good

unloaded test stator AC Volts .. idle perfect

and 2000 rpm check.. nice

now to change the much faulty no.77 plug ( the big flat one ) these burn out regulary , marking the red , feed to battery .. as all wires behind the connector are black

please take of the battery wires first

cut the old connector

new terminals on.. kit come with manual

and push in the new connector

and press the lock wedge in

other side

with lock wedge

and clean up the wire loom , and ziptie to getter.. and cover can be mounted

very nice M2 need to make it run.. and search for oil leak

battery is about dead..

oil is gone.. please do not fil.. as it is normal the oil drain to teh engine case.. first start to get the oil back in the tank , than check the level

it was leaking about.. customer cleaned already some

simple things first. wet shock ! douse the dampening still works.. common for these to spill there oil .after a long time not riding

pully cover of

little wet behind

but mostly to the front under the camcover

lets remove the canister and see

wet here to.. i suspect engine cases gasket ?

at front also wet

first clean

so we can see some thing

remove the heat shield

and start here up... nice and easy.

oil come up.. so that is ok

but i cannot see any leaks yet.. i think it need a ride, standing on a lift the engine douse not get hot ( cases ) only after you overheat the cylinders )