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12-11-2016 2 x X1 and M2 thinker day

29-11-2016 - 12-11-2016 Buell X1 bad running, Buell X1 leaking oil, Buell M2 thinker day, checking engine noise.

X1 brought in , is not running ok... i know from experiance that this can be caused by little things... so let me check some things, could save you another trip... tps is 0.7  that is not a good position to start the bike.

avf is also very high... no wonder with the the tps 5 degrees off

so setting the tps again

zero untill the plate binds a little , reset to the computer

is zero now

and i reset the afv, this is back to 100 now

starting... mnnn nice milage on this one.
runs way to high idle

turning the idle back to normal 1000 rpm... the tps is back at 0.2  this one needs a little more attention then i thought

so she is going to stay over for a few nights

X1 runs bad, and leaks oil

will first clean everything as there is everywhere

but i have a suspecion on the case sealing

and i don't likt eht pice that is broken off.

mnnn no...

front , oil cooler adaptor is also wet , so clean here as well

making here run... she douse not want to idle , feeling the headers , tels me something i already heared ... she is running on 1.5 cylinder

as the rear one header pipe was hotter than the front one , so sparkplugs first

so left side cover off

yep... that is a no go...

,rear one is also crap

new plugs and she is running very sweet , i let here run warm , and check later for sweating engine parts

M2 with a noise , engine noise

lady with experiance

seat off and cleaning off the oil tank a little

to see if i can pick up metal debris in the oil tank , no much yet...

but some slivers can be spotted

so with my stethoscope trying to pin point the noise , cylinders ?

front is more noisy

cams ? again front is harder

i need to strip here down anyway , so fuel tank off

seat loose

so i can remove the heat shield plate

airfilter off

and exhaust off

headers loose

stailess nuts... i love these :-)

and i start to remove 1 rocker box to check the cams and tappeds , and the oil pump gear

special tools come in handy for the M2 frame

covers off

and loosen the rocker box... small bolts first

the 4 b'guns after , loosen evenly

old style rocker box bolts... long ones and short ones , with the XB these bolts became the same lenght

pushrods out

pully cover removing to get to thecam cover

a little bt off cleaning before we take it apart

timing cover off

tap the screwdriver in the philips heads... will come loose better with out slipping on the heads

mnnn this one has the melting ignition sensor syndrome ( the isolation runs out ) not really very nice , but no direct failure

ok.. breather hoses and sensor wires are put on the hard way ... jammed under the starter motor , will fix this

but first timing cup loose

spark plug out front cylinder

bike in 5e gear and bumping the engine by turning the rear wheel , front cylinder TDC , so the cams are free off valve spring pressure

breather hose loose from the cam cover

and pulled from under the starter motor

now i can get to the sensor connector , a remove the pins, and i can pull the wires from under the starter motor

and sensor out

cans look good

as always ehtese are marked

on side markings on the pinon shaft

small signs off a warped crank

whoo nut came way to easy loose

but no scars on the pinion gear the key way slots are clean and crispy

can not be said off the oil pump gear... this one needs replacement

typical oil pump wear marks... one side looks ok

and the other side is almost gone

cams look ok.. there is a edge on the ramp...but not uncomman , could be a little more silent running if that was smooth

ok front rocker box also off

horn removed to clear enough space to get the rocker cover out

left corner screws.. there a pain so close to the engine mount

means these get rounded out allot

cover off to get the valve spring pressure off

and carburator off

need new breather bolts.. these are neckked ( streched out ) , and will break very soon

pull cable is fraiged , also added to the list

and the carb can do with a good clean

intake manifold off

typical leaking intake gaskets ( rear )

and front one , lots of vacuum bites in the rubber