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26-6-2014 Buell Xb9S, Xb12R, XB12 R/S.

28-6-2014 - Buell Xb9S, no ignition. Buell Xb12R maintenance and checkup. Buell XB12 R/S rebuilding after dyno tuning.

Buell Xb9S, no ignition... did not need to look very hard, as the relais was broken, easy fix.


Buell Xb9S, no ignition, warming up for service.


Buell Xb9S, no ignition, spotted a leaking front fork seal.


Buell Xb9S, no ignition, checking primairy chain tension.


Buell Xb9S, no ignition, rear wheel bearings are good.


Buell Xb12R, customer brought in bought his wife and his Xb12R track bikes, for maintenance and checkup, red one is his.


Buell Xb12R, customer brought in bought his wife and his Xb12R track bikes, Black one is heres, as we did about all the same jobs on bought bikes the pictures will swap.


Buell Xb12R,2004 the red bike had a little trouble starting sometimes, ( starter solenoid ticking ) , when this happens and the bike will start when you pull the clutch, it is very lickly the neutral switch hase to much resistance.


Buell Xb12R Black one, old style side stand pivot, was loose.


Xb12R, Black, draining oil after diagnose leaking intake seals.


Xb12R, Black, removed the pivot pin, cleaned lubed and red loctite on the threats, this will hold it in place, but smart it to check this on a regular base.


Xb12R, Black, belt has seen better days ,stil the first model belt, we replace this for a reliability for a new one.


Xb12R, Black, the idler pulley bearings also need replacement ( on bought bikes )


Xb12R, red, removed the front pulley to acces the neutral switch.


Xb12R, red, belt is still ok.


Xb12R, red, new neutral switch, and proper resistance.


Xb12R, Black & red, replacing the idler pully bearings.


Xb12R, red, the rear wheel bearings could also use a replacement.


Xb12R, red, idler pulley back on.


Xb12R, Black & red, dropping the engine for intake seals.


Xb12R, Black & red, engine down.


Xb12R, Black, noticed the air filter base plate was not good on the velocity stack, will put it back as it should be.


Xb12R, Black, seals looking bad


Xb12R, Black, new seal in, cleaned the throttle body and engine back up for testing.


Xb12R, Black, cleaned and re-oiled the air filter as much dirt was cought in it.


Xb12R, Black, brake fluid very important on track bikes... replace for fresh.


Xb12R, Black, right airscoop bolts, not really tight, but with some light grade loctite to hold theme.


Xb12R, Black, footpeg mounting plate hose very dirty with old loctite, i will clean this up.


Xb12R, Black, look better.


Xb12R, Black, common problem with a R seat, the front tab is pressed down because the seat was not mounted correctly.


Xb12R, Black, carefully bending this back up ( it is aluminium ) to allow the seat front tab to slide under this . and test ride... with perfect suspention setup... always a joy to ride.


Xb12R, red, after test riding i did feel the brakes not really breaking good anymore, the pads where a little burned, we put some fresh pads in.


XB12 R/S rebuilding after dyno tuning, dismounting our testing headers , and putting back the customers headers.


Xb12R/S, checking primairy chain tension, as shifting to neutral was a little hard..


Xb12R, Black, new oil + filter, after the first 1000 km after rebuild , and she is good to go for here new life.


Xb12R-S customer had the seat made personal for here , nice