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30-11-2016 X1 rocker cover gaskets , oil pump gear

11-12-2016 - 30-11-2016 Buell X1 rocker cover gaskets and oil pump gear replacement.

so gearbox parts are in... time to start the rest off the work on the X1

as we need to replace the rocer cover gaskets fuel tank needss to come off

caps and old sparkplugs ... don't trow theme away

i start with the rear one

cover and spacer rings off

and remove the small bolts first , than the thick ones

not really needed as the bike has not run in a while, but a little rag to catch the leaking oil

nice and silicone... no

happy screw in the airfilter

needed some persuasion, the little 5/32 allen heads look nice but there a pain

and i don't know why they routed the breathers all around the bike ? the filters are next to the battery

for the front rocker box.. best to remove the coil

still is a little tight but it can be done

left front allen... ball end bit on a minirachet

and pull out the pushrods before you remove the rocker box.. helps

that is the culprit off the oil leaking

as the customer had no idea if the oil pump gear was ever checked... very smart to do this now, as the rocker boxes are off , only need to remove the cam cover

sign plate off

the metal baseplate , with 2 philips head screws... use a fitting screw driver and tap the screwdriver with a hammer to get these loose

mark the timing sensor for easy remounting

and the cup out. so you wll not pull the cam out

screws out

this cover was on very tight

as one off the locating pins was corroded , again needed some persuasion to loosen this

good thing we diceded to check, not completely gone , but noticeble wear

about half the theeth are worn off

new gear on, redloctite on the pinion nut and tighten to specs with the use off the lock tool

the cams are marked from rear to front

stetting the timing on the gears

alway fun the cover screw 4 different lenghts 

cover back on and setting to TQ

sensor plate back on

customer wanted the rusty pushrod covers replaced, all in one go now, so removing the old ones


new o-rings first in the cylinderheads

little lube on the new covers

and pushing the covers first in the o-rings, than mount the baseplates

the same for the rear but a cut off allen key is better to clear the frame pipe

pushrods in the bike and the rocker boxes can be rebuild

position all the bolts loosely so the gasket lines out

than start the 4 big ones, gently lowering the rocker cover, giving the tappeds time to bleed, keeping the rockerbox level

and setting the tq to all the bolts

umbrella valve for the breathers.. this one is old and hard,

the cover gasket kit comes with new ones , pull a new one in

and screw the cover on

front one, rocker box on first and than drop in the pushrods

setting to tq

the left front one... well.. tighten it, very hard to get a TQ wrench

spacer can be a bit hard to get in between the front mount and rocker as some times the screw needs a little

good rocker covers on... exhaust can be mounted... new gasket rear

the c-clips where pulled over the exhaust ends , i put in new ones , these sould hold it better

header on... not to tight yet... mufler needs to go on first

because we are so far... and i really have my suspisions with the intake seals... i take the manifold off

breather counter nuts loose

and removing the throttle bodie

eeehhh.. that was a right calll... the seals are done

front as rear

throtte bodie cleaned, new gaskets on... put the front bracket on to line up the manifold , hydraulic loctite on the breather bolts

and tighen the throttle bodie when inline

with 2 keys tighten the breather bolts

and the hose back on... to morrow gearbox back to getter