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19-11-2016 XB crash mishap, S1 custom making stuff

3-12-2016 - 19-11-2016 Buell XB crash mishap, Buell S1 custom making stuff

nice 03 XB9S, had a little mishap... replacing handle bar levers and putting on frame pucks

start with the bar... barends out

if the grips are not to hard glued on, you can get theme off using a flat blade screwdriver

clutch lever needs replacement, removing the pivot is one way

the whole bracket needs to be removed off the handle bar, connector loose clutch switch

otherside the same... switch off

and brake master clamp off

and losen the handle bar clamp

new Rizoma alu bar need to go on , with matching black handle bar clamp

clutch lever bracket on the bar

and line out the switch

some marking tape on the bar

and press down the switch housing it will leave a mark on the masking tape , dril the hole in the bar so the switch is locking on the bar

some glue and push the grip back on

for the throttle i line out so the grip is a little inbord the bar, so it will not hang on barend weights

drilling and assmbly

lucky this time no frame dammage, but mounting a set off frame pucks will help for the next time

clean the frame, and use the primer that is in the box, so the double sided tape will stick on the best it can

line up by the point and stick it down

shift lever made some scratching on the primairy cover

the clutch cover is easy , just mount a new one,

the primairy how ever is much more expencive , with a toughup pen, will try to clean it up a little

will not be perfect, but after drying will look ok

and riviting on the cam cover plate

and the new levers on

give it a little grease , so they will opererate smoothly

S1 88 custom... i was not happy with the rear brake that was made on... looks like crap

and mounting... well ok ... no

lets check if the caliper can be mounted behind the swingarm

time serts in the alu bracket... nice

very little clearance to the wheel inside..

but the caliper will dit behind the swingarm

looks good...

ok off with the parts custom rear axle

wheel spacer was already made

the old right and the new spacer i made

mnnn i need to make a new bracket, as the support need a beefy holder

but for now trying and drawing up sizes

and rear pully off for a paint job