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4-11-2016 XB 88CI, XB12S winter, XB12X problems

19-11-2016 - What did we do Today Buell XB 88CI, winter preping Buell XB12S , Buell XB12X with problems

XB88 project we coated the rocker box green will come out really good on the black monster

the rocker arms back in

XB12S in for winter prep check


while hot drain the oil

black as the night a ready

gearbox drain plug will alsway have some debris on it

removing the chin spoiler to get to the oil filter

unscrewing the clutch cable adjuster to do the base setting off the clutch bal and ramp

drain plug back in

and fresh oil in, , hool the mechnisme to the cable and put it inside and adjust the free play

drain plug . put new o-rings on and a little hydroloctite to help it seal better

fresh oil in

and removeing the old filter

don't know what has happend here, but strong advice to replace the belt early spring

new oil filter primed and hand tight on

rear wheel bearings check ,pinch bolt loose and axle out

still ok. we replaced the front ones last time

mnnn belt has been lubed... please don't the belt lube is only for the sides off the belt when it starts to creak , not to coat the belt with it , collects dust and debris , and wears out the belt to soon

thick cake off belt grease... will clean this with the new belt

for now the wheel back on and axle to TQ

rear pads are ok...

checking the primairy tension... ok

keep a eye out for loose things, the jam nut on the shift rod was loose, makes these bent to easy

chin spoiler back on and loctite on the bolts

rear indicator been temperory fixed a few time, i will do it from reall now

the rubber mount was broken, the wires where not

so with the steel mount i can fix it and make it better

nice, no route the cable in and connect

font indicator was also missing some

will mount a new one, i do some loctite on the mount

indicator on , the flyscreen screws did not go in very well , so retapping the thread

needed to hammer a T20 in to get it out

2 new screws , looks better

throttle is sticking.. cant get to full and it binds ?

cables off and try pulling the cables.. that is not the problem

so need to remove the aribox

and have a look inside.. the throttle even sticks in full position

why is this happening ? looks like the last cricle off the spring is catching between the plate and the nylon spring spacers

trying to get it our

best to loosen the plate a little and shove the spring to the inside

and hold it there while you tighten the plate

little greas on the sping and it is snaps again :-)

stack back on and airfilter can be mounted

last thing.. brake fluid ,looks likes it has been awile

some frech fluid will do it good

and clean the pivot and ramps on the lever... make a world off differeance

don't forget the rear fluid ;-)

xb88 head inspection , i mount the head on a support i made

so i can easy take the valve keys out

and remove the valves and seals

mnnn i feel play, much play

just for giggles... as you officialy can not measure it like this , but close to the stemm here in rest

pushed one way

pushed the other way more than 0.1 mm play , will put in new guides and make somehing nice of the valves

the valve seats stock HD always crappy , so much to gain here

intake looks like it did burned some oil

ecm problem XB12X difficult to find problem , i noticed a crank in the ecm , normaly you would get a biger error

if i push on the ecm only the tps changes with alomost 1 deg.... sound like the problem ...low throttle input cruising the bike cannot hold a steady ride

crank in the grey connector

i will make a relocating plate for the ecm