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11-11-2015 XB9Sx some love and care

12-11-2015 - What did we do today 11-11-2015 XB9Sx some love and care

very nice 09 XB9SX new Buell owner, has done almost 10000 km with here last year smile-emoticon it adicting we know , in for some TLC

XB9Sx TLC, battery pole check... all thight

XB9Sx TLC , warming her up alittle to drain the oils

XB9Sx TLC looking good,

XB9Sx TLC , smart modification... little "hidden" switch for warning lights

XB9Sx TLC , side stand felt a little rough.. clean and spray s light lubricant on it and work it in

XB9Sx TLC , little mishap dropped the bike left side, nasty as the primairy cover was a little dented on the clutch cover, the customer aplied some slicone to stop it leaking

XB9Sx TLC , just a little dent inside, but prevents the gasket to seal, other than replacing the cover , it needs a little bead off silicone , don't like it very much , but it is a solution

XB9Sx TLC to be sure nothing else is wrong, as longer screws are put in, check the thickness off the cover and see how much space is on the bolts when they bottom.. not much play here

XB9Sx TLC , i will put a small washer under the screw heads

XB9Sx TLC , checking the belt i notiched rubbing marks on the idler pully, will check that later

XB9Sx TLC , rear wheel bearing check, take the caliper off and remove the wheel

XB9Sx TLC , almost can stand with out a side stand wink-emoticon

XB9Sx TLC , tensioner removed , the idler is rubbing a litte to the arms

XB9Sx TLC , will give it a thin shim ring to give it a little clearance

XB9Sx TLC, it douse not neet much, this will do

XB9Sx TLC , rear wheel bearings are not completely shot, but with a new tyre... the next time it will be checked will be to late, i replace theme now

XB9Sx TLC, fresh tyre and bearings

XB9Sx TLC , chin spoiler brackets line out before tighening

XB9Sx TLC , checking the primairy chain tension , was a little loose

XB9Sx TLC , front plug gap , check and set it , they are to tight out the box

XB9Sx TLC , with the termigioni exhaust come nice spacer rings for the chinspoiler

XB9Sx TLC , removing the airbox cover, look out for the spacers on the front mounting points on translucent covers.. they can fall out the holes

XB9Sx TLC , airfilter baseplate off and removing the sprakplug cable , i like to first pull it off the coil

XB9Sx TLC and than from the plug

XB9Sx TLC with a wobble joint and long extention you can remove the rear sparkplug

XB9Sx TLC , check the plug connectors before you put theme back on , round , clips still on and not corroded

XB9Sx TLC , just little things... screw front airbox cover... tried to paint theme black... mheee...

XB9Sx TLC i will put some nice alumium annodized black ones in smile-emoticon look better

XB9Sx TLC bike swapped around for the front end service

XB9Sx TLC loosening the steering damper bracket

XB9Sx TLC and take the wheel out... bearings are shot...

XB9Sx TLC , but first fresh oil in the front legs

XB9Sx TLC , with the refelctors on the legs, easy to aline

XB9Sx TLC fresh rubber at the front.. and new bearings

XB9Sx TLC , checking the travel on teh steering damper before you tighten it back up

XB9Sx TLC , the clutch felt a little funcky. no grease or brass bushing , i can see the pivot hole already wear out oval

XB9Sx TLC and the cable eyeled opening in the lever can only hold the eyeled but to little room for the nylon bearing... i bet this is a aftermarket lever

XB9Sx TLC , after cleaning and some grease the feeling is much better already

XB9Sx TLC the front brake lever feels also funky

XB9Sx TLC a little cleaning and new grease makes all the differance

XB9Sx TLC refrech the brake fluid

XB9Sx TLC , i notice the rattle licence plate...and it starts the crack around the mounting screws

XB9Sx TLC , best way to mount the license plate is to use double sided tape , prevents it from rattling and cracking up

XB9Sx TLC i noticed also the battery tray is loose after the passenger pegs where removed. as the whole battery tray will rattle now, best to secure this, i put some 3/8-16 bolts in to hold it

XB9Sx TLC , last thing, checking oil level on the side stand , right after the bike has been running test rice smile-emoticon