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25-11-2016 winter service Uly, Sportster

11-12-2016 - 25-11-2016 winter service Buell XB12X and Sportster XL tyre and suspension

if you want to tap the front fork caps off , put some isolation tape over the cap nut... makes the socket fit better and will leave very little marks

checking the settings

mnnnn left one is different that the right one

cleaned and ready to go back in, as these are progressive mount the heavy part off the spring to the top

indexing the markings on the rebound needle, so max ( fully closed ) is flush to the blue nut and points to each other , mounting theme like this you will always be sure you have full adjustebilaty

legs back in, carefull not to pinch the wires to the handle bar

new front wheel bearings in, the customer was surpriced... i will save the old ones for him.. took the grease seal out.. notice the bearings are corroded already

no grease but loctite on the caliper bolts

wheel back to 55 nm

and caliper bolts to 50 Nmw

fender back on, use light grade loctite for these !!

so belt change, wll go easier with the bike the other way around on the lift, but can do it like this , no problem

pesky case rack bolt to the footpeg loose

to remove the foot rest to get to the swing arm brace

brace removed, and belt off... i make it in the magic twist , saves space and can be taken along trips as a back up. belt changes are easy, getting a belt can be a problem

new belt on

new belt on

swing arm brace back on, idler wheel on. and tension the rear axle ( thereby tightening the belt )

pesky bolt back in , and tighten the footpeg plate

axle pinch bolt tight

don't forget the front end.. push down the suspentio

to set the forks on the axle , and tighten the pinch bolts

nackerd screws on the brake reservoir.. they are 0,50 each... just replace theme

fresh brake fluid front

as the pads are halfway worn.. don't fil the reservoir to the rim, if you put in new pads the fluid will overflow

new screws :-)

and replace the rear fluid

little detail :-)

updating the fuel mapping for th TQ hammer exhaust

and she is smootching nice

oil level check... and test ride :-)

XL still needed a front tyre and new socks

so pinch bolt loose and axle out

loosening the caliper and brake pad bolts before i take it off complete

buell habbit... checking bearings ;-) these are fine

forgot how much fun inner tubes where :-(

but noting a 250 lbs gorrila with a tyre iron can not fix :-)

wheel back in tighen the nut holding the axle with a rod

caliper back on and moutning back the front fender

front brake fluid... mnn that was a long time ago

i drain it completely as there is much dirt in

little cleaning off the dirt and start again

that is the color off DOT 5 silicone

rear shocks came in, so off with the old

a nice pair off Ohlings , chrome progressive springs 3 cm longer to get more travel on this bike so it can be a little softer

spacers included

bottom, checkig it the bolt will not hit the pulley bolts

comes with wrenches and manual

nice. and the suspention actualy works now :-)

so last thing, rear brake pads

the old ones where not gone, but the customer did not like how they felt bracking , these ebc will be the best off bought worlds

rea;;y not a ideal mounting for brake pads alone

looks good with the new shocks ... test ride was fun now even over the pot hole lane