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8-8-2015 Uly check, Tuber not charging, high speed

11-8-2015 - What did we do today 8-8-2015 a bit off everything , Uly check, Tuber not charging, high speed instable Uly,

Early morning customer, came yesterday for camcover gasket as it was leaking, told hime to check the oil pomp gear to ... close call the old gear is very thin. a better oil pump can be found here: — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Uly check... just to make it safe for Holiday.. nice bike is his 3e Buell for this customer smile-emoticon and all great finds

Uly check, rizers on rizers on rizers ... not my taste

Uly check, just a little tighten on the poles

Uly check, checking rear wheel , removing the caliper

Uly check, belt check ok. A new belt can be found here:

Uly check, needed the breaker bar to loosen the rear axle

Uly check, i already noticed spinning the wheel.. just in time replacement , seal almost popped out bearings can be found here:

Uly check, fresh bearings pressed in the right way should last a long time

Uly check, wheel back in, tighten the axle

Uly check, witht the rear wheel in the air... jus checkig the primary chain.. as it was a bit loose

Uly check, bike swapped around, removing front fender , nice dirt guards

Uly check, lefty loose ? ! ..... follow the arrow to loosend ,

Uly check, front bearings did also feel a little gritty front wheel bearing can be found here:

Uly check, fresh bearings and thighten to specs 

Uly check, bad light in the dark... yep head light is out.. only the high beam and pilot light work

Uly check, as the lower mounting screw is seased , removing the fender is a option

Uly check, with new bulb , much better

m2 not charging.. the feed connector tab was broken from the regulator

m2 not charging, with the cable for the most part hidden by the cam cover best to give some slack to the cable

m2 not charging, and remove the grond connector on the back off the regulator and the oil pressure switch, and pull back the cable to make a good repair

m2 not charging, checking ...a ok 

XB12 2010 ... starter douse not work sometimes .. off course it dous now ..

XB12 2010, checking for bad ground.. not really a issue

XB12 2010, trying the starter many times... best to pull the connector and check with test light... i swapped the Aux relais ( as the aux power out let is not used ) witht he starter relais , and customer will monitor it , see if the problem comes back

Unstable Uly... customer just bought the bike, fist time high speed ( over 140 km/h ) the bike became very unstable , i already noticed some things , one off the previeus owners did lower the bike, but not in a good way

Unstable Uly, as front legs where used from a S or SS model, , but with the normal rear suspention the bike is to much nose happy

Unstable Uly, a fast and inexpencive way to lower the rear is to put a lowering ring on

Unstable Uly, the weight off the bike supported, removing the shock bolts

Unstable Uly, and pull out the shock

Unstable Uly, with a schok press removing the original spring mount the tool can be found here:

Unstable Uly, and put in the lowering ring ( the bike will drop 1 inch ( 2,5 cm ) make sure the slot is over the rebound screw teh ring can be found here: — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

Unstable Uly, after mounting the bike stance is already much improved... after stetting the suspenting ( the front end was also binding ) and high speed test ride smile-emoticon no longer unstable