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31-1-2019 finish big inspection and service XB12X

25-9-2019 - What did we do today 31-1-2019 finish big inspection and service Buell XB12X

we go on where we left of, new rear wheel bearings pressed in and wheel can go back — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

now with new battery and fuel pump fixed.. start to warm here up

she runs a little of, rpm is to low and ego high.. testing intake seal, she reacted . i will replace theme , i think still the first ones in

oil drain plugs, check for debris

while the bike is draining , i take of al other scoops and covers

loosen the clutch cable — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

drain plugs back in..

gear box oil in

and engine oil in

exhaust valve cable douse not work.. but is still in the way off things.. i remove it

new filter . prime it , makes faster oil pressure when starting the 1e time

checking the primairy chain.. take 3 points on the chain to check !! can be some difference in this

we going to cheat a little and leave the exhaut on.. while rotating the engine down. with this exhaust very easy

zinc corrosion on the engine mount bolt , will clean and lube before i put it back

throttle cables loose

and loosen the clutch cable

engine down.. tight bolts.. best to loosen with cut of allen key

left side bolts out with spanner

with engine down. very easy to replace the sparkplugs.. some difference between front and rear

spark plug cables are very old ( 2 or 3e design ) but still ok

intake of .. seals have become hard

cleaning the cylinder heads

and take the dings and sharp edges of

vacuum cap. on its last end.. i will replace it now

manifold back in

gap checked and a little neverseas on the treads

rear plug very easy :-)

engine back up and mounting the covers back on

left foot peg bracket back on.. feed the fuel breather pipe in the slot

loosen the rear axle tension

right foot peg bracket out

mnnnn metric screws in unc hole , please don't

going to retap the holes

remover the swingarm brace , and loosen the fender

you can take the old belt of, perfect as spare on holiday / long trips

new belt on.. now first put the brace back in

retapping the treads

and new screws with a drop of loctite

chin spoiler on.. screws also a drop loctite

connecting the top under the bonnet

ziptie the tps wires to the fuel rail so the wires do not rub

stack back on.. check it is seated fully

and new k&n airfilter on

airbox on starting to look like a bike again

bend the original ecm bracket and position the ecm here.. i designed a bracket for it, but all the qoutes i got to fabricate it where stupid money , this works to

tighen with 2 zip ties and the seat will no longer rest on the ecm.. cracking the connectors , if yo have a Uly please do this !!! saves you a pain in the ass trouble shooting a cracked ecm

bike swapped around on the lift

and front fender of to check the front

wil need new brake pads

loosen the pad pin.. and caliper bolts

front axle out.. has not been toughed allot. i will put a little grease on.. so the bearings will not corrode to the axle

a problem with Uly front forks.. the lower 6 cm can corrode as the seals will not reach this

front fork legs out.. setting looks strange ? 3 rings preload and rebound almost fully open ?

some isolation tape to protect the cap nut from tool marks

taking the fork apart

happy oil level.. with spring in.. about 10 mm below the edge , bike will becomes more progressive under hard braking ( and suspention compresses )

forks back in

new pads

tx caliper bolts ?

i will mount new ones ;-)

front fender back on

and the beak bolt back in

brake lever feels gritty .. old dry grease

to clean this is a little more work because of the handguards, but it is wurth the effort , heat the screws before you loosen.. stock these are mounted with loctite

12 mm spanner to remove the spacers

brake lever out.

clean old grease. and new silicone grease on.. will feel so much better

brake fluid change.. cloudy ?

drain, rinse and clean

and fill with fresh

don't forget the rear

nice.. she is running much better :-)

checking oil level

and setting the front suspention to factory specs , if you need these we made a listing off all

ready for the customer