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11-3-2015 XB service time.

12-3-2015 - very nice Xb12 for check up, bike is not ride much, but gets a lot off love,


Xb12 for check up, during warm up , checking the eletrics , battery pole connections.


Xb12 for check up, about time to replace the plugs as these still the orginal ones.


Xb12 for check up, primary chain tension ok.


Xb12 for check up, new oil filter on , and fresh engine oil.


Xb12 for check up, checking the belt for cracks.


Xb12 for check up, side stand pivot ( still the old model ) was loose, this can cause dangereus side stand failure , check these !!


Xb12 for check up, no cracks on the threads, so i will reuse the old pin.


Xb12 for check up, clean, grease and red loctite to hold the pivot.


Xb12 for check up, and pulling the sidestand spring back in place , a spring puller is very usefull.


Xb12 for check up, checking soark plug cables on corrosion.


Xb12 for check up, setting the gap on the plugs, they come to close out off the box.


Xb12 for check up, rear plug is best to reach with a swivel joint and long exentions piece.


Xb12 for check up, brake fluid change, even if you don't drive this gets old , and can fail when you really need it.


Xb12 for check up, fesh fluid in, don't fill it up completly when your pads are half way worn, if you fill it up completly and than replace the pads it can over flow.


Xb12 for check up, heating her up again, for oil level check.


Xb12 for check up, i'm getting good at this wink-emoticon right on the money.


Xb12 for check up, ready for test ride.


Next, first time for service, new customer, wanted to have a good check up.


Xb service check up, tighten battery poles , as everything vibrates on your buell check these every now and than.


Xb service check up 2 out off 2 today, again old pivot and also loose , will take this out to.


Xb service check up , first oil drain.


Xb service check up , while draining, loosen the rear pad pin , as we are going to replace these.


Xb service check up , belt check... mnnn this one is not going to last much longer, will ad this to the list and contact the owner.


Xb service check up , the 04-05 models best to remove the lower belt guard to take the wheel out.


Xb service check up , bearings are very tight pressed in, i can not turn theme by hand , i press in some freh ones with the correct tension so they will live longer.


Xb service check up , new bearing in, and wheel back in.


Xb service check up , checking primairy chain tension.


Xb service check up , side stand off and pivot cleaned and loctite on.


Xb service check up , bugger , could not see this comming, threads broke off way to easy.


Xb service check up , got a soluting for this , as the old style pivots are no longer for sale, modify the old side stand to accept the new pivot pin.


Xb service check up , side stand modified and new style pin in, and never to worry again if it come loose , as the new style pin is a solid pin secured with a c-clip.


Xb service check up , the customer heard a noise in full load, sound like a metal rattle, i suspect the engine is pinging , so first to check is the static timing, cover drilled off.


Xb service check up , and with the timing mark plug out , and tdc front cylinder you can read out the switching pont off the ignition it was a little off, need to see with test ride if this helped, intake gaskets are ok.


Xb service check up , front end check up, spotted a weaping fork seal.


Xb service check up , so front wheel out, bearings are perfect.


Xb service check up, checking the rebound settings before i open up the fork


Xb service check up , mnnnn i know a biyicle like this.


Xb service check up , forks apart, new seals on.


Xb service check up , using a seal mounting tool i try to keep the leg out so far , i'm working on a aria where the seal douse not come, better safe than sorry if a make a scratch.


Xb service check up , fil the fork with oil , and bleed the rebound damper so the stroke feels completly controlled up and down.


Xb service check up , with a little suction bottle and o-ring marked to the airchamber needed, suck out to level.


Xb service check up , i like to index the dots to fully closed, and flat to the blue ring.


Xb service check up , and if you now screw on the top cap with needle in the damper when the needle bottoms , turn the lock nut up and tighten.