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7-10-2016 XB rear tyre, 1125 starter motor

19-10-2016 - 7-10-2016 Buell XB rear tyre, Buell 1125 starter motor + start up , Buell XB engine sound , heat cylcle and test ride, Buell XB12 engine

early morning tyre change 

rear one is about gone , rainy seson coming , some profile on your tyres is better 

so pinch bolt off 

and axle loose

rear caliper loose

off course wheel bearing check 

new tyre on the wheel and back on, axle to TQ

rear caliper on... early morning but mnnn 

bolt is missing from the caliper ? ratteled out ? i put a other one back in 

3e heat cycle ont eh XB12 engine rebuild... i let here cool and go out for a first test ride 

1125 engine swap, the replacement startermotor come in , time to make here work 

little cramped but down the hole it needs to go 

the 2 mounting bolts back in and electrics on

oil cooler can be mounted again 

oil cooler mounts brackets on

and the one on top with the coolant lines

first click... and she is smoking :-) 

the engine is really running sweet... new life for this bike 

waiting untill the coolant starts to bubble ( thermostat opening ) before you put the cap on 

the dash ( the digital reading ) is still not working

looking inside i fear the contacts to the display are corroded to much... bugger 

well lets rebuild here and make here ready for test ride pod covers on 

cleaning up the front electrics 

while i have it out, check the wheel bearings 

airbox back on 

and she is ready to ride again 

test ride XB12R :-) 

engine sound...

mnnn picture is un sharp but there is metal debris in the oil 

as the noise is left low, we check the primary

strainge markings on the diaphrame, but everything is good and thight 

so opening here up 

dham... big end is gone , check this with the crank in all positions... in tdc i could not feel it , halfway down.. i can rattle the rod :-( not good 

test ride done, while the engine runs very sweet, some issues... low trottle . not really smooth and jerky .. feels like tps sensor 

engine rotation, not realy needed for tps sensor, but i wanted to check the gaskets on top aswell

exhaust off and front mount loose 

disconnecting top side 

and do the spark plugs... i left the old ones in for start up 

tps sensor off 

new sensor on and trottle bodie back on 

engine up again 

hooking up the wires 

tps reset... better , runs even more sweet... will take here out for a spin to morrow again