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24-9-2015 XB9 diesel, XR1200 dirttrack front, XB

26-9-2015 - What did we do today 24-9-2015 XB9 diesel, XR1200 dirt track front end, nice XB

XR1200 , dirt track front end, parts came in time to finish this bike

XR1200, starting to strip as we need to get to the headlight / dash connectors the fuel tank needs to come off

XR1200, fuel tank off ... i love those HD quick connectors , pulling the air filter out off the way

XR1200, head light and indicators connectors are behind the airfilter right side off the frame

XR1200, speedo , head light off

XR1200, the rest off the connectors speedo and handle bar swtiches

XR1200, after removing the upper triple t , the new headlight assembly can be put on..

XR1200, triple t back on

XR1200, was a little vague in the discription , but the OEM brake line and throttle cable guide need to come off the lower triple as there is not enough room under the new headlight assembly, so off again and now good wink-emoticon

XR1200, very nice headlight brackets

XR1200, in full glory... the plate can be painted , now shows the protective tape that was put on

XR1200, hooking up the headlight wires... i'm getting old need to take off my glasses wink-emoticon

XR1200, terminals on the new wires and ready to connect

all good.

sideview bulps mounted the right way

Nice stickers (-: if you wonder why there is so much corrosion... this bike has been living on a small isle , with lots off salty air

i noticed some things rubbing... as the original exhaust mount was removed, the pully cover needs a spacer at the bottom screw otherwise it will rub

as we noticed the Plus pole was loose.. and charging problems and cutting out ... i wonder iff the negative is also loose , need to take the battery out to check

aaah yes also loose... cause off many problems

and i wonder why put bought charger leads on the same terminal... will put it right wink-emoticon

very nice colour Xb in for big service

XB diesel, cylinders cleaned and back on the rear first works better that way

Xb diesel, with the cylinders on, checking valves and putting on new valve seals

XB9 Diesel , time to put the heads back on... put the pushrod cover o-rings in the heads... before you put these on.. the other way around , very big change off dammaging the o-rings and you can do it all over again after 400 km

X1 tyre change... not optimal use off the rubber, but it comes close wink-emoticon