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18-11-2015 XB9SX Love and Stage 1 kit

19-11-2015 - What did we do today 18-11-2015, much needed love for XB9SX and power upgrade to our Stage 1 kit.

XB9Sx 2009 model in for some love and upgrades stage 1 kit

XB9Sx 2009 model in for some love and upgrades stage 1 kit

XB9Sx TLC, letting here warm up a little to get the oil flowing

XB9Sx TLC, and in the mean time checking for intake seal leaks, as we are going to update the fuel mapping and chasnge the exhaust, these need to be good, and they are smile-emoticon

XB9Sx TLC,left scoop off to get to the front spark plug

XB9Sx TLC,, mnnn common, weaping shifter seal. will put a new one in

XB9Sx TLC, remove the lever and rubber bushing

XB9Sx TLC, with a small flat screw driver tap the old seal so it come out, carefull not to damage the shifter shaft

XB9Sx TLC, new seal, put some grease on the sealing edge

XB9Sx TLC, and tap the seal in, a high socket 5/8 is perfect size for this


XB9Sx TLC,put the shifter levers back on.. use loctite on these screws

XB9Sx TLC, gearbox oil back in and fill to level. oil is formula+

XB9Sx TLC, take the clutch cable end and pull it out side the cover to hook on the extention

XB9Sx TLC,and hook in the mechanism , so the little extention can not fall of and put the in place in the cover

XB9Sx TLC, screw on the adjusting nut, lightly bottoming and off 1/4 turn ( outer cable adjuster is fully screwed in )


XB9Sx TLC, and put the lock nut with retention spring back in , and put the cover on,

XB9Sx TLC,front plug out... she is running lean...

XB9Sx TLC, old oil filter off and new one on , primed and a wet finger over the oring

XB9Sx TLC, rear wheel in the air and check the belt on wear and cracks... belt

XB9Sx TLC, with the rear wheel in the air also check the primary chain tension

XB9Sx TLC, mheee new one

XB9Sx TLC, better smile-emoticon new one


XB9Sx TLC, rear wheel bearings are on there way out... will replace these

XB9Sx TLC, as we also change the exhaust, with the belt tesion off easy to loosen the rear straps

XB9Sx TLC, every now and than it will not hurt to clean the axle and relube it

XB9Sx TLC, clean the hole in the swing arm too

XB9Sx TLC, and you can screw in the axle with a finger smile-emoticon

XB9Sx TLC, rear pads are almost gone... will replace these


XB9Sx TLC, the wear is very uneven. as this is a 1 cylinder system, the sliding pins need to be sliding free and with out to much play

XB9Sx TLC, the front slyding pin was sticky, so bracket off and clean the parts, you can remove the little rubber or replace this if it is torn

XB9Sx TLC, the hole and pin cleaned put some grease in the hole and push the pin in to get the grease in evenly , when you pull the bolt you would feel a little vacuum

XB9Sx TLC, also check the alingment from the fron bolt... they are very easy to cross thread, leaving the caliper under a angle to the brake pads , you will see this when you look at the caliper when you push the brake, when you see it move to much.. it is out off line

XB9Sx TLC,, caliper back on , new pads in a little neverseas on the cap, for the next time you need to remove it

XB9Sx TLC, translucent body work.. very nice but very brittle frown-emoticon

XB9Sx TLC, airbox covers off, the airfilter feels heavy from dirt... i wonder how long this one has been in

XB9Sx TLC, make it a habit to check the spark plug connectors on corrosion and the retention clips inside

XB9Sx TLC, and check the out side on cracks. nicks and rubbing marks , a tear in this one not really common

XB9Sx TLC, rear plug also very lean.. wil fix this

XB9Sx TLC, fresh plug back on , gap set and a little neverseas on the threads

XB9Sx TLC, airfilter baseplate on, and K&N filter , closing up the airbox

XB9Sx TLC, checking battery poles... m4 screw ? really

XB9Sx TLC, savanged a nut plate from a old battery , little trick , take a little piece off ziptie fold it to getter and slide it in... so the nut plate will not fall out and will be on top, if your screws are a little short

XB9Sx TLC, swap the bike around for the front end

XB9Sx TLC, exhaust clamp loose

XB9Sx TLC, front strap loose and hanger bolt loose

XB9Sx TLC, some strong words and wiggeling to remove the exhaust, corrosion can make this hard to remove ,

XB9Sx TLC, mnnn look promising


XB9Sx TLC, i wonder if the customer had notised this :-X

XB9Sx TLC, so fresh bearings and rubber

XB9Sx TLC, time for the fork oil change , take the legs out

XB9Sx TLC, important to clean theme , as we need to slide theme in completely

XB9Sx TLC, cleaned rinsed, and fresh oil in pump the damper tube to bleed the air out, and set the airchamber 107 mm is the number for this one ( XB9SX 09 )

XB9Sx TLC, forks ready to go back in, remove the protective tape now , is harder when there on the bike

XB9Sx TLC, and the wheel back in


XB9Sx TLC, lost off smoo and buggers on the caliper bolts, cleaning theme with a tread chaser

XB9Sx TLC, little drop off loctite and the tighten the caliper

XB9Sx TLC, and front wheel axle to TQ settings


XB9Sx TLC #Hammertime, cleaning the pipe connection

XB9Sx TLC, removing the side stand bolts

XB9Sx TLC, chin spoiler bracket under the side stand and redloctite on the screws and tighten these

XB9Sx TLC,TQ hammer time smile-emoticon stage 1 kit

XB9Sx TLC, preassemble the hanger to the flange

XB9Sx TLC,and slide the exhaust on

XB9Sx TLC, not first put a rear strap on loosely

XB9Sx TLC,and than thighten the front bolts

XB9Sx TLC,, now fasten the rear straps and dent these at the idler pully to give the pulley clearance

XB9Sx TLC, set the headers by tapping theme with a hammer and tighten the front clamp