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17-6-2016 fuel pomp check, M2 part came in

27-7-2016 - 17-6-2016 mail call fuel pomp , M2 parts came in, Buell XB Monster big bore making ready to start, exhaust studs.

mail call. customer send fuel pomp in for checking and replace filters and seals as they suspect a problem with the pump

first old o-rings off, these are soaked in fuel and have begome to large to mount theme back

c-clip off the mounting rod

grond screw loose , note this is a newer pomp model as the wire harness is already protected with the sleeve against rubbing

connectors off the pomp and low level sensor , and you can pull off the regulator housing

the fuel filter has 2 press-in rubber seals , these can have issues sometimes leaking

mnnn .. prefilter is a little dirty but i have seen much wors... but this is a prefilter that is not the normal one

as this is the normal one ? would mean we need to replace the complete pump after a call with the customer we decided to leave the old one on

things like this are morelikely to the a problem , i will replace the seals

inline filter, arrow points the flow ,

new o-rings for the cover on , testing the pump .. this one works perfect

and i will give these a little coat with silicone grease, so the customer mount it right away

haha... missing carb part came in

so we can finish the M2

fuel line and choke cable off again

breather bolts and bracket off , to pull the carb from the manifold

so happy i put allenheads in the flow bowl :-)

and main jet holder out

needle bushing in note it can be mounted 2 ways ..

50-50 change ? needed to look it up... acutaly looked at a other bike as there is very little writing in manuals for the orientation on this little piece. the fact that carbs are a rare sight noday in our work shop.. i did not notish this at first glance , but it needs to stick out like this

carb back on

now she is running sweet :-)

ok breadbox back on

still easier and better constuction than a original X1 air box but about as fiddely

air intake horn back on with the halfmoon clip

airfilter holder in place

and fastened to the base plate

and the 4 screws for the outer cover

and took here out for a spin :-) feels like a new bike , with only 9000 km done it is.. shame it was stored bad and everything is corroded

monsterbig bore getting ready to start... mnnn oil drain plug is almost stripped... dham.. the manual ( they state the tq value on the plug wrong , way to high ) with some hydroloc tide i could just get it tigh enough... next uncarefull oil change it will need a oversize plug

now first bump the engine a few rotations puching the rear wheel to check if everything is rotating nicely

plugs back in

and sparkplug cables in

fuel pump conector back on

and coil conected

power up ,

after a few starts.. engine will not fire ? it douse the clean spark mode , as with contact on i hear and see chouging from out the throttle body

will charge the big ass battery first , can be the starting rpm is to low for the ecm to start sparking... the positive connection on the battery can also be the cause of the low starting rpm.. as it looks shabby

preping head for rebuild to morrow, cylinders came back overbore... needed to dril 1 stud

grinded off the broken off one to have a flat service

and with the jims drilling tool , easy work to dril out the old stud