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8-4-2016 Buell XB12 SS 09 for big check up

25-5-2016 - 8-4-2016 Buell XB12 SS 09 for big check up , passenger footpeg brecket repair

after warming up.. oil drain and walk around

removing all covers ad things we need to get acced to

new o-rings on the oil plugs and a little hydrolich sealent on the plug to prevent sweating

original oil filters can be a absolute pain to remove, this one was not so hard, the oil filter strap is a nice thing to have

clutch cable adjuster looks like new... will sill put a little neverseas on the threads

brake line modification is on 8 piston calipers only

and checking if the rocker box gaskets are not leaking

fresh oil filter on , primed and wet the o-ring

and gearbox oil to level

hooking in the clutch mechanisme

with half a turn the hook can not come out, and i save to put in the primairy for adjustment

front spark plugs are best done from the underside

new plug , set the gap en some never seas on the threads

customer wanted the belt to be changed.. it is showing some cracks.. better save than sorry

so new belt placed tactical inside the stand legs

rear axle out

and swing arm brace off to remove the belt

dry / waer cracks... will make a nice spare / emercency belt for long road trips

wheel bearings are done for.. better replace these when you feel the slightest rumble

fresh bearings pressed in

rear axle cleaned and lubes for corrosion protection ( axle to the bearings are know to corrode stuck )

put the wheel in place and route the belt, put the axle in to so it rests on the thin part off the axle

now first put the swingarm brace in

and footpeg plate , use some loctite on these screws

now turn in the axle further

checking and adjusting the primairy chain , don't over tighten the lock nut

rear pads would not make it untill next service , so we will replace these

new pads in , i find it the easiest way to replace the pads with the mounting bracket on

rear caliper in place , tighten the pad holding pin, use a little neverseas on the lock cap, and screw this back in place no to tight please

old belt , and the "magic" loop to make the belt smaller to carry as lugage

airbox off , to check the airfilter and replace the rear sparkplug

i love tools, , sparkplug wire pliers very handy to get the cables off

new plug in, wobble joint and long extention needed

i noticed in the tail section 1 bolt was loose , and i cannot tighten it , need to check this —

tail section undertray, just loosen these 2 screws —

and remember the wire combo

the other screws out.. and you can pull off the tail section

the first few mm the tread is gone in the hole, i cleaned the rest with a chacer

and use a little longer bolt here, to tighten the tail section again

bike swapped around for the front end chec

as the front pads wil also not last untill the next service , we are going to replace these as well , loosening the pad pins with the caliper inplace is better as these pins can be tight

front wheel bearings are done for aswell , will put new ones in

front forks out, for oil change, notice the nackered adjuster.. such a shame

oil changed on the front forks, check the sire harness dous not get pinched to the handle bar when you put the forks back in

new pads in , push lightly on theme the pin will go in easier

big caliper first on the disk, use the slots in the back off the caliper lined up with the wheel spokes

wheel back in.. pomp the front brake to pressure... when you push it and need to brake and you pull the lever to the bar.. you notice how much mass a 200 kg bike is when you try stop it with out brakes

the little things... cleaning and relubricate the brake pivots and sliding points, it all about feeling

changing the brake fluid front

and rear , little leak protection , nasty stuff brake fluid

electics check the indicators are not working ? relais ? i got a feed on the ground wire ?

easy check old test relais that i know works... still nothing

gound wire to the relais.. has no ground ... mnnn

the front groud are behind the headlight unit , remove this one , was not even noticeble untill i loosened the connectors 1 wire broke off the connector

new connection made, testing

and warming up for final oil level check and test ride

passenger foot pegs... mounted 1 time to many

the threads are pulled out the aluminium and the bolt was loose

time for a insert repair , dril to the correct tap size ( comes usualy in the repair kit

milling the recess fir the thread insert

tapping to over sie for the insert

the new insert, full metal, will make a perfect repair , a little redloctite on the insert and drop off oil on the moutning tool

insert mounted.. a lasting repair