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5-8-2016 Nice XB12SS 09 in for maintenance

2-9-2016 - What did we do today 5-8-2016: Nice XB12SS 09 in for maintenance

nice one all black 

as the bike was farting a little and popping when engine braking , intake seals supected, little testing confirmed the front seal was leaking 

knowing we need to replace the seals to in a big service, not so much extra work, as we can combine things , so draining the fluids first and stripping covers 

so draining the fluids first and stripping covers 

cleaned the drain plugs, new o-rings and a little hydro loctite 

gearbox oil back in 

1 bottle is back to level, bike straight on bought wheels , just toughing the clutch spring —

exhaust off as we need to drop the engine

belt check, mnn this one still first belt, is creaking very hard, and cracks are already there, talked to the customer , best to replace it now and keep it as spare

wheel out, and bearing check, these are ok 

replacing the belt, right footpeg bracket off 

with the belt tension still off ( axle 15 turns out ) remove the swing arm brace , and you can pull the old belt off 

twist the belt and turn it on it self, makes a little package 

new belt on the pulleys 

now first the swingarm brace back on , before you tighten the belt 

set axle to 66 Nm and tighten the pinch bolt

checking the primairy chain tension 

w -brace loose and loosen the connectors before you rotate the engine

support the weight off the engine , and lift it a little

if tension free , after loosening , you should be able to unscrew the front bolt with your hands

moving up, removing the airbox 

airfilter box off, and take the coil out ( 08-up ) 

loosen connectors on the throttle body and unscrew and unhook the throttle cables out the cam 

clutch cable unhooked from the lever, and engine down , remove the 
bolts on the flanges

not much to see. but a hard edge on the rubber 

after a little cleaning, new seals on and ready to go back in 

manifold in place, easy to plug on the injector connectors witht he engine still rotated, green is rear . white is front —

and with the engine down... easy to change the plugs :-) —

engine back up, check the wires are all running free , same story with out tension you can screw the bolt back in with your hand

and mount he w-brace back 

throttle cables back on 

and tighten the cables on the manifold 

ready to do the front end 

wheel bearings are done... will replace these 

changing front fork oil, protect the cap nuts with some isolation take 

i wil index the rebound adjusters, this is fully closed now

looks better when there fully closed like this

new oil in , bleed the rebound damper so the stroke is consistand the whole way up and down —

new bearings , new front tyre , wheel back on and tq the caliper bolts

front fender on , low grade loctite on the screws

comming back to getter, exhaust back on, and covers back on 

changing the brake fluid 

mnnn lever is for 6 pot ... means it has to much play on a 8 pot master cylinder.... sometimes i wonder

as the levers look nice... but they rattle

running warm for oil level check , and test ride, nice head light modification