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28-11-2018 Xb12SS restauration

30-4-2019 - What did we do today 28-11-2018 Buell XB12SS restauration

still thinking what to do with this 

on with the rocker cover seals . new black ones upgrade seals

cover on 

intake manifold cleaned and new vacuum port on 

with new seals 

mounting evenly

with the engine down, spark plugs are easy .. the look pitch black.. will put new ones in 

check and set the gap , there not always set correct in the box

old header needs replacement , trick to loosen , first tighten a bit.. than loosen.. if feels hard.. go back and forth a few times 

nut corroded to the stud, but stud came out.. also good 

mnnn the other one is a bolt 

of course M8 bolt.... .. i will make a thread repair back to 5/16 unc 

rear header nut normaly no issue.. but are fully corroded.. i will replace these

header of, looks like bike had been on the dyno ? given the 2 sample ports 

flange retaining rings.. will replace these to , as there half corroded away

now first the rear rocker cover back with new seals

and engine rotated up for now 

clutch cable outer cable was loose on the metal going into the primairy cover, this leaks oil .. as this is already a new model cable with teflon liner .. i use a heat shrink tube to make this oil tight again 

the heat shrink tube we use for this has a heat activated glue layer , making it a leak free repair

lube the cable adjuster easy acces 

we remove the feed oil line for the exhaust bracket.. can go back in 

and fasten the hose clip

gearbox oil in

and clutch ball and ramp adjusted 

engine oil in the swingarm

and checking the primairy chain tension 

short rear fender carbon.. ( on a long swing arm ) looks good

other thing i need to discus... crash markings on the seat rails

a newly coated stock tail piece back on.. i think we are going to powder coat the seat rails to

drop od blue loctite for the tail piece bolts 

and mounting the grater 

mnnn push cable is fraying .. will replace it 

mounting the fatbar adaptors

postion these with 2 bolts in when you tighten the hidden bolt and use a drop of loctite 

nice fatbar mounted 

old and new bolts.. will change the 2 short ones to , looks better

lyning up

and tighten evenly so the clearing to the cap is even front to rear

brake master on

and replacing the broken of lever 

stock position brake line.. line has some tension with this handle bar

loose ever so slightly to turn the banjo a little ... can be done with out fluid leaking 

new lever with short pivot bolts 

these very nice rizoma grips come with different throttle cams.. use the middel one , this helps to have less turn to full throttle

mocking up the left grip 

to position the handle bar switch. put a pease of tape on the bar and push the switch half in the tape , to make a marking to dril ( 4,5 mm ) 

check .. throttle will never hang on the bar end weigh

mounting these. i see it on so many different ways.. this is from the Rizoma instruction.. will be very tight

sawn of clutch lever pivot , will also be replaced 

and drilling left hand switch 

the left grip is set with grub screws.. put a drop of loctite on

clutch cable routed up

Carbon fiber belt guard upper 

and lower... nice