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15-3-2018, 1125R ego check XB12SS 2 yearly service

20-6-2018 - 15-3-2018, Buell 1125R ego check, Buell XB12SS 2 yearly maintenance , Buell X1 starting up after years

1125R ego/ AFV is uneven.. bike is running great 

warming up learned values

only 1 time since we reset it 

o2 sensors warming up and getting active 

AFV set the same front and rear .. ego is ok warming up

fuel pressure also ok ( was the problem last time ) 

very nice XB12SS for his 2 yearly maintenance 

tighened the battery .. ( bike would not start ) please check these regularly

noticed a botl missing in the tai section 

draining the oil.. and removing the clutch mechanism to fill 

carefull stainless.. small hex size you round these instantly 

nice polished sample ports screws ( we have dynoed this bike long time ago ) 

under glas dirt.. will clean this

drain plugs back in

belt check.. starts to crack.. will advise to replace 

checking the primairy chain and setting to the correct tension

rear axle is nasty.. will clean this off 

bearings feel funcky to .. will do new ones in 

beter look at the cracks

combination of wear and dry cracks i believe 

we want the belt loose anyway to get to the neutral switch

rear fender loose

there where some starting issues.. the neutral switch having to much resitance is one off the most common problems 

belt removed. and connector off 

thin walled 5/8 high socket you can get it out

new one on , resistance is perfect now 

fo now leave it loose as we need to speak the customer about the belt 

axle cleaned and ready to go in 

new oil filter on 

nice oil filler plug .. not handy .. but nice 

opening up the airbox for plug change

rear one teared the boot.. will replace it 

missing bolt.. added 

front end check up 

never been loose.. the caliper bolts are freaking hard to loosen the factory ( good loctite ) 

virgin front axle .. will lightly coat it with grease so it will not corrode

front fork caps are also virgin. i will try to keep theme like this 

cleaning the lower legs so when i slide the forks in, the seals do not rub in the dirt

checking the rebound setting before losening.. .. the isolation tape is to protect the cap nut 

indexing the rebound.... just more nicer , and a sure way to know you have the full range off adjustment.

legs back in, line up the protective tape with the brakeline 

easy check the gronds on the steeringhead 

a joy to turn a nice lightly lube axle in :-) 

front brake fluid 

some fresh in

do not forget the rear.. this was lumpy 

double check as starting in hibitar for side stand , the customer had a feeling this did not work.. it douse, and leaves a error code right away , side stand in the active error changes to historical 

long time not seen this bike.. again left parked.. make here run, and a little nicer 

time has not been kind to here 

with alot off luck and wiggle i could get the fuel cap of 

there is some fuel in, and douse not smell that bad.. can give it a try

but first the fuel cap the stock caps have a very small flats to turn. if forced these flats will push the plastics over

a nice aluminum inner cap will make this nicer, and you do not have the fiddel the cap off when the plastics is completly gone

little lube in the pivot 

and screw the cap on.. you can adjust the mounting tension with the lock nut 


what happened here ? loose battery poles , battery is dead

quickly with jumper cables.. ignition comes on.. and fuel pump primes

ok.. next step.. as we need to replace the fuel lines anyway due to cracks

on the list.. to replace all corroded bolts..

removing the stock arifilter.. we going to mount a nice force intake

and replace the tank cover to for a 1 piece cover 

internals loose of the inner airbox 

pesky little srew

fiddely mounting system of the stock box.. pffff 

taking the stuff off , bag and tag it 

the thing we want to check.. the fuel pump check port.

ok pump is good.. and hold pressure... plesent surprice

next screws on the list.. these can not go back anyway as they are about rounded out 

needed to hammer a 3/16 in a 5/32 hole 

left side ok.. and no leaking with the screws out , so the gasket is still ok 

now first.. rear wheel up and bike in 5e gear to bump the engine around , see this is not seazed 

needs new rear tyre.. i think i replace this tyre valve 

engine is loose. but bike has trouble to turn the engine over on the startermotor.. and start button douse not work al the time 

opening up the handle bar switch to clean the contacts

carefull to hold theme to getter 

the loose contact is very small have a good grip when you clean it with some emeral paper or scotchbrite 

back to getter using some die-electric grease 

and going to scare the spiders off