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26-11-2018 xb12Scg black TH mirrors and disc XB12S

25-4-2019 - What did we do today: 26-11-2019 Buell Xb12Scg black TQ hammer, mirrors and front disk, Buell Xb12SS Restoration

new owner, nice bike in for some noise, power and looks — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

chineesium mirrors, velly cheap , but very hard to mount so the will not twist when you ride — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

airbox cover off — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

we going to remove the exhaust solinoid and cables

remove the solinoid cables in the tail section

chin spoiler off. pullycover of ,

exhaust mount loose

and rear straps loose

remove the solinoid pul cable

side stand of

and back with chic spoiler brace ... red loctite on the bolts — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

pre assemble the exhaust .. loctite the front screws

some exhaust sealer on the pipe end

red loctite on the flange

ready to mounted

some exhaust sealer on the pipe

exhaust mounted.. rear strap in place .. tap the strap in so the straps follow the exhaust contour to have more clearance to the idler pully

nice in black.. high end ceremic coating

chin spoiler back on

exhaust line up up ward ... nice

crappy mirrors...

front disk jutter

little trick to see the warp in the disk

front wheel lifted.. and swing the wheel around, lightly apply the brake and you see the sharpy markings fade where the disk is warped

so front out

old disk of

mnnn will replace the disk springs

we have nice stainless ones :-)

our disk back on , better and nicer

blue loctite and 35NM for the bolts

new grips on

the rubber mirror holders out

and some better ones in.. CRG and folding elbow mirrors.. very good mirrors , no vibration


that was a leak waiting to happen

neutral switch was playing up... replace it , it can give strange errors

front disk mounted with new pads

ecm upgrade with macthing fuel mapping for the exhaust and test ride :-)

Xb12SS Restoration... bought in Belgium and need to be imported to Switserland.. in need off some work

bike has been in a crash

pipes will be replaced

as is most off the body work


other indicator gone

empty can exhaust.. has not yet broken ( commen for these )

so striping

handle bars off to

clutch cable is also leaking

draining the oil for now

and i drain the case .. easy acces now

belt .. meehh wear markes

will replace this precausion

new belt on and new rear wheel bearings

stock exhaust bracket back on.. to mount the Torque hammer exhaust

moving to the top... fuel line lock tab is broken.. safety issue .. i will replace this one

plug wires look ok.. but connections are corroded

2007 model.. look out for sweating rocker cover gaskets

intake seals.. while we are here.. replace theme and clean the throttle bodie

orange roker cover seals front.. been sweating

rear to... will replace theme bought