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1190 RX EBR chrash repair engine rotation, XB12SS

9-4-2019 - 19-10-2018 EBR 1190RX chrash repair engine rotation, Buell XB12SS indicators and right side airscoop

testing head light.. very nice

taking the clutch slave cylinder to the new cover.. t

if you wonder why it pulls so hard.. o-rings seals, while oberon uses 2 hydraulic piston seals

marking up

and mounted 

new crush rings

and plate glued on

the end tips on the bike where just pieces off pipe 

these look allot better 

crap.... i tried to bend it a little .. should know better.. will continue first.. i think i need to order more ? 

duct will fit.. and if needed i an use a long srew and spacer if needed .. if the OEM spacer takes as long as the rest of the parts :-(

anyway nice contruction.... head shield.. runs up to the cylinder head.. replacing this engine needs to come down.. i will try to rotate first ( for me also a learning curve here ) 

first take exhaust off , idler wheel out 

to get to the exhaust screw 

exhaust ... aka Lumpy piece of iron 

the air ducts guides of

overflow bottle , i believe with a common failure.. the tab breaking of. will glue it on 

stone guards of

air duct out ? ok this is way longer than the 1125 one .. front wheel needs to come out 

sutch fun... mounting bracket screws behind exhaust pipes

ok no haning about... rotate the engine and we see what come accros

front wheel out.. 2010 model dust seals and spacer ring used in the front wheel 

air guide comes out now 

losening the mid engine bolts

short side stap to mount some indicators 

flyscreen of 

slotted nut and rings... not really help full as i dropped theme 3 time 

lyning up

putting LED relais in

need to switch the feed and ground for this relais


euro headers 2008 - up right scoops can be a pain , old one out

but this one is very nice , and comes with heat isolation so the glasfiber douse not cook 

turn int over the header pipe 

rear indicators loose

new ones on with some heat shrink tube to make it nice 

and front brake pads.. can be done with the wheel in place.. needs to be a little inbetween spokes 

you can take the pads out when you have loosened the caliper bolts 

new pads and easy on the brakes to seat the pads

ok on with the 1190.. lets have a look under the cover

Ok... that looks messy ;-0

intake air temp sensor in a better place than 1125

fuel vapour feed back ? 

taking not how fixed 


airfilter , also durt catcher 

and freaking small btw 

finding the cables 

and best way to go forward

injector lines loose

unscrewing tthe trottle bodies 

to get to the last 2 connectors and loosen the throttle cables

now the cable harness can go out 

whoop ... alway nice to see the valves looking in the intake

the airbox and intake flange are one .. so these need to come off to 

vacuum hose to the clutch membrame

air box out

the beast in full monty

ok front loose 

rear loose

and loosen the rear pedal set / cables

ok.. engine down.. looks good 

not down fully

2 nut off , 2 to go 

o2 sensor out.. it was already loose ! 

bike is still about brand new

who made this..these bikes are very labour intensive

loosenen the electrics in the tail to rotate a little more

heat shiield out

the front tab broke 

last 2 nuts

and magic turn and twist and the rear header is out

now to weld the tab back on