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14-4-2016 M2 day.. and trouble shooting a XB

27-5-2016 - 14-4-2016 M2 day.. and trouble shooting a XB

M2 front end check and fork oil change

a unknow mechanic would go crazy... metric and imperial all to getter on 1 bike, axle nut size 24

and the pinch bolts are 12 mm ;-)

front fender bolts also metric

but the fairing brackets are size 3/16

i take the legs out 1 by 1 so the headlight and fairing can stay on with out theme dasngeling around

14 mm adjuster spring preload and 24 mm top cap , take the spring preload off

unscew the top cap

and drop the slider down, the spring tension is low, so you can take the lock dish washer out with your hands

i did unscrew the spring tension preload part and reset it on the dampening rod , as i wanted to indez the markings

spring out, and drain the forks.. pump the dampening rod so it is empty, fill with new oil and pump it again so the damper is free off air , and re assemble

other fork.. i noticed the axle was binding on the spacer , the thin walled spacer can get dings very easy, with a little sand paper i took out the burrs and dings so the axle will go throught the spacer with little effort

other fork same story x


unscrew the top cap over the preload adjusters and refresh the for oil

axle slides now in with easy ( needed to be hammerd out )

now first the fender with brace back in place.. leave the srews loose untill you set the forks

little loctite on the axle , to lock the nut

with a screw driver in the axle hole ( other side ) to hold it , tighten the axle to TQ , psuh down the suspention a few times and tighten the pinch bolts and bork brace

mnnn loose grips and mirrors.. i don't like theme.. i cleaned the handle bar and replayed glue to secure the grip and tightend the mirror adaptor

how to frustrate a electics diagnostics.. all the bulbs broke in 1 time.. you going to first start with the fuses, wire harness and connections, before you come to the conclusion the bulbs are burned.. indicators and running light all the same time , replace the bulbs and took here out for a test ride ... nice

xb diagnostics.. bar running and stutter problems, we first noticed the VR ( voltage regulator was broken , so need to wait on this one ) after replaceing we could test more.. no first some basics.. sparkplugs ? rear is white , and front one black.. thsi bike is running bad

and some HD mechanic slipped the customer the wrong plugs... again.. please do not use 6R12 pliugs ... they are for a low powered sportster , not for Buell

so rest basic checks... makeing room to do a comperssion test

reasr one after 8 turns .. ok

front one, a little more, nut still with in limits.. i need to put this bike on the dyno and log some data , and try to find what is wrong with this bike

M2 oil pressure, after some testing the oil pressure light stil come on, allot les than before ( repaired the connector ) but still , and not only low rpm .. i'm going to check the oilppump and feed / return

you can pull the oil pump out with the shock in place , but will make a mess , so i take off the schok absorber supported the resr off the bike

feed oil ine ther is enough flow, the hose is not kinked

oil pump out

and oil pump drive gear check.. this side is ok

turn the crank over to check the other side off the gear.. very important you do this !! i will put this on the whis list for this customer, as a to do

remove the oil filter to check the pressure valve .. mnnn the oil filter pick up is loose and is sticking out... as the dept off this is important for the oil pressure as the valve ball is closed on the edge off the oil filter adaptor

i will unscrew this one and check the oil pressure valve

bal and spring look good

little cleaning and red loctite on this adaptor, so it will not come out so easy again

oil filter back on oil pum back in and test again

nice looking M2 , new owner, some knocking problems, and oil pressure in the thank

mnnn ok bad news call, i suspected this as much with the crank knocking , with a little stick with magnet dunk it in the oil thank and scrape it on the bottum... if you pull it out like this... would be a big repair