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9-11-2016 finishing custom XB, engine overhaul XB

25-11-2016 - What did we do today 9-11-2016: finishing custom Buell XB, engine overhaul Buell XB and strip down

aaah... i could spend a other week on this bike... terminals tinned and than clamped... really bad idea

cover back on

yep a other wire break

repaired the wire cover no on again

tail section on and trying to fit everything in the tail

seat on and let here run for a while again... she is running smoothly now

special bike... some very nice things on it

engine overhaul... time to strip this one out

belt tension off

belt idler pully off

unplugging the electics

front pully off

draining the engine case to drain the oil out the case

oil lines off feed line,

for the return line best to remove the oil filter

remove the cooler oil line

loosen the front off the oil cooler

and loosen the return oil line

breather line off

and the exhaust bracket can be taken off

dril off the heads off the timing cover

remove the screw from the plate below there

marking the ignition sensor

and unplug the connector to pull the pick up out

the seals looks like it has been leaking

right foot peg out the way

speed sensor out

and battery feed loose from the startermotor (the battery cables are removed !!! )

oil cooler completely off to leave it to drain

most off the oil is out, but with some caps the oil lines can be capped off so the bike will not leak on the shop floor

mnnn stator wires nasty wear marks

preping the swingarm to come out, loosen the pinch bolt