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21-5-2015 xb9 engine, XB bigbore making it run

22-5-2015 - xb9 engine, engine back from the machine shop , crank bearing replaced as it failed, and new races , lapped to aline.


xb9 engine, lucky this customer detected this soon, some thing to say for early oil change, as he spotted debris in the oil, now lucky very little damage .


xb9 engine, but we will replace the main gearbox bearings anyway.. it feels little to loose.


xb9 engine, 5e gear pressed out.


xb9 engine, huges c-clip pliers needed to remove the c-clip.


xb9 engine, old bearing out.


xb9 engine, and fresh bearings in , and also new inner bearings in the 5e gear 


xb9 engine, left side cleaned and ready.


xb9 engine, gear box inplace.


xb9 engine, check the gears iff all aline good and work as it should.


xb9 engine, case to getter, and tightened, remove the neutral light switch so you can position the lever on the shifter drum, engine in the stand works better to support.


xb9 engine,lifters back in and cams alined, prime the crank with a oil can so untill you see oil comming out the bigend.


xb9 engine, end drive seal in , and new rubber ring to make the seal to the spacer.


xb9 engine, nice oversize pistons for XB9 , we are very happy we can offer these.


xb9 engine, cylinders are honed to over size, clean with soap and hot watter, untill the cloths are clean when you whipe the bore.


xb9 engine, checking and setting the ring gaps.


xb9 engine, easy work with tools, but a file will also work for this.


xb9 engine, pistons rings on, and lubed for the mounting and initional start up.


xb9 engine, and slide the pins in , handle the c-clips with care, so they don't fall in the case wink-emoticon covering with some rags will help.


xb9 engine, off course you have the directional arrow on the pistons the right way.


xb9 engine, pushrod cover on, heads on , and pushrods in.


xb9 engine, starter motor back on, mount the gearbox breather hose first !


xb9 engine, front crank seal in , easy work with a home made stamp.


xb9 engine, stator , shifter gear and primairy on.


xb9 engine, cover back on , and ready for the customer to mount the engine.


XB12 Bigbore, making it run, all engine work is done bu others , but can not get he beast running nice, or running at all..


XB12 Bigbore, making it run, i a nice looking bike.


XB12 Bigbore, making it run, will strip here down more, oil light not on, AFV is at 62 ! ( could be effect of to big injectors put in ) with engine builds like this , you really need to budget the most important thing!!! dyno tune the Fi , this will make it run nice and powerfull.