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14-12-2017 front end and disk XB, M2 flyscreen, XB

20-2-2018 - What did we do today: 14-12-2017 Buell Xb front end and brake disk, Buell M2 flyscreen, Buell XB9R engine build up

to keep the top cap nuts nice. use good fitting sockets and some isolation tape to protect

cleaned the lower legs as we colaps the forks , the seals will not get hurt from dirt 

i like to index the rebound adjusters .. so you always have the full travel.. and it looks nicer both legs the same setting

carefull in the wires the do not get pinched to the handle bar 

right leg.. turn it so the protective pads have use

we have a ok from the customer to replace the warped front disk 

checking the hardware in the wheel , springs are nog corroded 

and disk mounted.. loctite and bolts to 35 NM

temp mounting the caliper to loosen the pad pin , to put the new pads in

wheel back in set to TQ 

and caliper bolts in

pump for brake pressure

bump the suspention down a few time to set the fork legs on the axle

and tghten the pinch bolts 

aircleaner.. cleaned and charged again with filter oil

fresh brake fluid front 

and new fluid rear

do not fill the reservoir fully if the pads are worn..

warming up the bike , for oil level check and test ride

hard to get parts... these brackets are no longer needed to make some

welnuts in

and screen fresh painted and mounted

looking like a M2 again :-)

parts are in and cylinders are back from bore / hone... time to get 't going again 

cleaned up the shifter fork slot.. where the old fork was melted on 

some testing... as the 1e gear is no langer availeble . but the same gear from a Tube frame buell , is about the same .. but the slot for the shifter fork is bigger... mnnn would not recommand this for now.. the fork comes to close to the gear it self 

as with the original XB gear with thinner shifter forks there is a healty space

ok... main gear needs to go in

new gear pressed in .. end drive needs to go o

with the Jims tool works beter than pressing

5 gear in

now cleaning the left over gasket on the

we made a pressing stand

so the loose rings are easier to deal with

and protip.. leave the lock clips out the bearings

gearbox pressed in

shifter forks in the gears 

and connect the sliding pins 

shifter drum in , hold the forks a little out 

and position the forks in the slots off the drum

and tap the sliding pins in place

checking everything turns

one half done , crank in

detent in

and mounting tool to hold the detent arm out off harms way 

thin coat of sealer on the cleaned cases and carefully lower the right half over the axles and crank , you should not have to hammer it home , turn the gearbox shafts and crank the case should go down

big bolt in at the front

drop off red loctite on the case bolts and tq theme down 

checking the gearbox working... if it shifts smooth and all gears are here 

lock clips in

and the big one in the 5e gea

squire rings on the 5r gear axle

seal tapped in and spacer in 

gearbox main shaft oiling ring

ring. and seal in 

and sprocket spacer in