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2-9-2015 1125CR service , XB9 intake flanges, Uly

4-9-2015 - What did we do today 2-9-2015 1125CR service , XB9 intake flanges, Uly checking

1125CR service, nice CR in for some check ups and power upgrade smile-emoticon — bij Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

1125CR service, drain when hot... left plug and oil filter change

1125CR service, and right drain plug out , also unscrew the filler cap 

1125CR service, vibrating..., ? missing the right exhaust mounting bolt... will put one in

1125CR service, as i could feel the play even with the wheel mounted... sure thing the bearings are gone... taking off the rear caliper with some extentions

1125CR service, sure thing the bearings where toast, the spacer allready started to run on the wheel... not a moment to soon

1125CR service, wheel back in , and as the belt is showing cracks and long trip ahead, customer asked to replace it

1125CR service, swing arm piece removed , and rear fender off

1125CR service, loose the 2 mounting bolts and loose the idler pully bolt , so you can rotate the foot peg bracket

1125CR service, belt can be slided out the swing arm on its side

1125CR service, one off the cracks , hard to tell still how long it will hold... is a gamble

1125CR service, belt ont he front pulley ( use the flat spot on the edge to mount the belt more easy ) and fasten the foot peg bracket

1125CR service, belt ont he front pulley ( use the flat spot on the edge to mount the belt more easy ) and fasten the foot peg bracket

1125CR service, before you tighten the belt ( or even try to put in on the rear pully) mount the swingarm piece back in

1125CR service, new belts are freaking tight.. glad i put in new bearings

1125CR service, rear caliper back on 

1125CR service, checking the rear brake cylinder if this moves freely and comes back , as these can bind due to corrosion

1125CR service, customer had problems with dead fingers due to vibrations, we can help this. old stock grip off

1125CR service, and nice thick soft one on,

1125CR service, as we want to mount bar ends.. little trick to make the closed ends open.. and look nice... hammer the end this will cut the rubber to the bar, leaving a nice round hole in the grip

1125CR service, and one off our super heavy vibration dampers put in ( i made these to size for the 1125CR superbike bar )

1125CR service, bike swapped around , font end inspection... as you will only feel the bearings are really bad when the wheel is mounted.. check theme by taking out the wheel !! every service !!

1125CR service, the slots in the ZTL2 caliper line up with 2 spokes to take the caliper off

1125CR service, no surprice front wheel bearings where toast to, pressed some fresh ones in , and lubed the axle

1125CR service, loctite on the caliper bolts 

1125CR servicebrake fluid change... front

1125CR service, clutch ( this can be come rear nasty looking )

1125CR service, and rear , most off the time forgotten

1125CR service, checking the frimware in the ecm...still old... mnnn ok so bike hase never been back tot the dealers for recalls...

1125CR service, i will change the ecm for a core one off us.. with latest firmware

1125CR service, and a nice sticker added wink-emoticon

1125CR service, bugger... pulled out left lower airbox cover thread insert , will glue this in

1125CR service, air box off

1125CR service, and bind the rear throttle shaft linkage to getter so there no longer can move other than by the throttle cables wink-emoticon


1125CR service, glued the insert back in

1125CR service, upgrade the fuel mapping to free some horses ,, and test ride smile-emoticon 

test fitting the intake flances on the bike my collegue is worling on.. perfect fit... will seal much better now

mnnn Uly check up.... ask for gearbox oil change..
while taking out the clutch mechanism it lost 1 ball in the primary cover... the c-clip holding the clutch ramp mechanisme was not there... so taking off the cover and find the missing pieces

Uly check up, next mnnn idle way to low 800 rpm... customer told me the oil pressure light come on some times... yep... please keep this on roughly 1000 rpm... while checking the tps.. ok who put the XB9 2003 ecm in there.. :-X