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11-1-2018 XB12X 06 lower engine , XB12XT/STT servi

22-3-2018 - 11-1-2018 XB12X 06 lower engine , XB12XT/STT service finish

engines waiting on ok for repair

NEXT ! ;-) gearbox made a noise like a sirene on this bike, customer who is very handy, and like to thinker with bikes.. tried everything first.. conclusion main gear / split the cases.. he asked if we could do this.. the baslicly stripped the engine al ready down to the case 

so quicky.. rear mount bolts loose 

speed sensor out.. some metal on it 

geasrbox breather hose + nipple out 

removeing the stator connector 

pully off

and primairy cover of

to remove the stator , the rotor was already removed by the customer

protective plate off 

you see the rubber from the rotor seams to have been sweating.. that is way i use silicone on the plug to seal extra

case bolts loose.. front 3/8 one with

and the rest off the 5/16 bolts loose , splitting the cases 

one off

checking the gears.

problem looks like to come from the end gear bearing 

2006 -up model gearbox .. allot different fromt he older buell models

the odd shifter fork out

the odd shifter fork out

the ohter 2 shfters of, looking good

the odd one , check good. easy to bended forks.. look at the wear marks 

always a thick bead silicone inside the case , pressed out the flats

gearbox pressed out.. note the helical cut teeth

seal out.. knocking a screw driver in works good 

the 2006- up main gear bearing is a dual angle contact bearing , instead off the deep groove bal bearing on the older models

about inpossible to get this out in 1 piece. as the bearings has 2 halfs , and pressed to getter by the pully nut to have the correct tension and working 

preying the race off

c-clip loose

and pressed out the remaining bearing

for the picture put to getter, much improvement over the single row deep groove one

the o-ring on the end drive seals from oil leaking

stripping down the cases.. for cleaning, detend out

and other gear box bearings out 

front crank seal has a c-clip ( on the later model frames )

and removing the spacer and distance ring

blind bearing pressed out.. as we really want to replace all the gearbox bearings

as far as i can.. now waiting on parts to finish this job

so on to finish the service on the XB12XT , front forks out to change the oil

cleaning the lower legs, so the seals will not slide the dirt around

checking the settings.. this was at max ? will do this differently

setting it back to indexing , so you have the full travel all the time on the suspention settings

with the legs out, easy acces to the wireharness break ( ground tap )

this a a odd one , as the wire broke a little out the terminal 

new eye led and mounted back on

front legs back in.. mounting as high up as possible on request off customer

front wheel back in and set to tq

locktite on the caliper bolts

and set to 50 Nm

i wil not reuse the lock ring washers.. but white nylon ones

and the strange screws, i put in normal ones

pressing down the front legs to set the legs on the axle

and tighen the pichbolts

flyscreen off 

as the high beam light bulb is broken

check woring again

i notice the horn had left a mark on the flyscreen , and by doing it will rattle

a little relocation works 

checking the neatral wire at the ecm.. ok

so plug back on and lock these tabs

now to clear the mess under the sea

wtf.. battery not charging ? strange

connections look ok

resistance test is good

diade check than

diodes are working to ?

plugged it back on ans everything worked ? will have contact with the customer.. as i don't trust this regulator anymore.. especialy because it is a 2008-2010 model who breakdown more like this 

making it nice... and making room under the seat.. remote preload adjuster mounting under the belly pan

off course could advice a new ecm.. connector only needs to stay on.. taping it on will do for now

remote happy under the bellypan

carpenter screws .... meeehhh... no ... nice torx screw is used and cables changed position

slimming down the fuse box. by removing the outer holder 

better like this, in the future with a Li-ion battery more room 

moding the seat base pan, so the fuse box + cover has clearance ( you will not notice this in the seat )

setting the suspention

test ride and contact the owner about the regulator