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21-3-2015 1125 tinkertime, XB service & details

25-3-2015 - Buell XB service & details, new customer. service & details. Buell 1125 tinkertime, day 2.

1125 tinkertime, swing arm back in and rear wheel back in.


1125 tinkertime , new hoseclamp for the vacuum hose on the clutch cover.


1125 tinkertime , backing up to rotate the engine.


1125 tinkertime, front end out to have some working space , little things different on the 2008 models , loose bracket for the horn.


1125 tinkertime, as i want to take the horn wires out , i removed the bracket.


1125 tinkertime . my flash light taped to the support so i can see.


1125 tinkertime , and rocker box off , checking valve play and checking the chain guides , all look new ( as it should with so little km ) the cams only start to ware in.


1125 tinkertime, valve ply is with in specs.


1125 tinkertime, and spark plugs look good, i will call the owner and discuss the next step , to check the bore/ piston pins , as i have seen on the 2008 the first black pison pins can show signs off premature ware.


XB service & details , new customer nice looking bike.


XB service & details .. heating up for oil change ? 0 rpm when idle ?? mnnn i will do a sweep test , perhaps the dail has come loose.


XB service & details , old filter off , new filter on.


XB service & details , rear wheel out to check the bearings, still perfect.


XB service & details , but the belt show some ware.


XB service & details , i will ask the customer to check this before he will go on holiday with his bike, as cracks apair,


XB service & details , shift lever feels to tight.


XB service & details , looking at the bolt , i guess the bike has had a mishap.


XB service & details, the spacer bushing has dented in the cover leaving to little clearance for the bushings to rotate easy.


XB service & details , and the bolt has a nasty burr.


XB service & details , a little clean up on the cover, the dentation is very deep.


XB service & details , with a washer to the cover the spacer will give enough clearance for the lever.


XB service & details , loose wire on the fuel pomp.. ground wire has come out.


XB service & details , the terminal is broken off in the connector.


XB service & details , new terminal on.


XB service & details , front tie rod and mount , have been repaired , a stud and spacer are placed, looks good, but why put back the broken tierod ?.


XB service & details ,i will zip tie the clutch cable to the tierod, leaving it like this will rub on the oil line, these braided lines are like files , you really don't want anything rubbing on theme.


XB service & details , repaired damage.


XB service & details , the old tierod.


XB service & details , and new one on, these are not really expencive, and wonder wy it was not replaced.


XB service & details , as the bike is a 2007 model , it only took a quick look to see the rear rocker cover gasket are leaking, if you have a 2007 model XB, please check this.


XB service & details engine dropped, and cover off , old leaking gasket are orange.


XB service & details , the new and improved gaskets are black.


XB service & details , engine back up.


XB service & details zip tie to the clutch cable.


XB service & details , missing bolts to hold down the battery tray , will put some bolts in , will make the tail section stronger, and the battery less vibrating.


XB service & details , as the complete bike looks to be painted, just a check , ground connections are also painted.


XB service & details , this can become a issue , so clean the paint from the ground connections.


XB service & details , mounting tail raiser blocks


XB service & details raisers mounted on the frame


XB service & details , the lower bolt go in from behind.. it the tread is not smooth, you can use a thread chaser to clean up the last end off the threads


XB service & details , he upper bolts go in from the out side


XB service & details , weep test for the rpm , should be at 3000 rpm, i think some one has replaced the dash / or replaced the dash and put in the old matching to the bike speedo back ground, but did not put back the dails correctly.


XB service & details, will take out the dash, missing bolt .


XB service & details , other one missing.


XB service & details , with a fork you can gently pry off the dails,


XB service & details , with the dails off plug the dash connector in, to sweep the dail to zero position and push the dails back on.