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7-2-2019 X1 putting here back to getter #2

5-10-2019 - What did we do today 7-2-2019 Buell X1 putting here back to getter part 2

on with the X1 mesuring and mounting the oil feed and return — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

shock mounted

checking the oil hoses are out the way of the shock

problem point tube frame , low voltage to ecm.. can be cause by the feed wire and connection corroded on the starter terminal check and put some di-electric grease on

and the thick battery cable on

cleaning up the loom a little

modified the licenceplate bracket , so the light sits flush..

looks allot better like this

now filing the holes

used XB cylinder.. OS bored and honed and coated black..

and new thunderstorm pistons

2e compression ring

note the edge , checking the gap on the rings .. very important

top compression ring..

did not need to adjust the gap.. final clean and a oil whipe in the cylinders. and push the piston down the barrel

assembly on the rod end and pushing the piston pin on its place

hold down bolt on the cylinder studs

and front cylinder on

rotating the crank a few times.. feels good

unpacking the cylinder heads... nice

new guides

head on the bike

oil the head bolt threads and flats. to get the correct tension

and tighening the head bolts follow the procudure recommanded by the gasket suplier.. or follow the work shop manual , if no information is given

pushrod o-rings in the head

i hold the flange down on the pin , and tighten the bolt, so far never had a leak due to bad mounted gaskets

oil the pushrod tube tips.. not to damage the upper o-rings

pushrods.. the long one is exhaust .. if you cannot see the markings

rocker box on , and located al the bolts

and evenly tighten al the bolts

new breather one way valve rubber in

and top covers on.. if you can not get to the screw under the frame.. there is a tool for this

sorry mr. Buell , but i needed to ;-)

front mounting bolts.. neverseas on the shanks.. and red loctite on the threads

old style ( 1/2 ) bolt and. the cut out needs to go to the front / engine moving to the steering lock

and she is hanging on here own

front top tie rod mounted

and front lower tie rod mounted

and top center tie rod and bracket mounted

and thighten to the frame

coil back on

crank spacer in

and primairy drive on

red loctite on the threads — at Twin Motorcycles Buell Support forever.

we need to replace the clutch plates .. so clutch tool on

and taking out the old plates.. the spring plate was still in..these can fail very bad.. popping out all the rivets and these get stuck inbetween the clutch

extra plate kit.. do not reuse the steel sping plate

pre wet the plates , and let these soak a little

check the pressure plate. under the spring.. if this is clean, well known spot where debris will collect

and pressure plate / spring back on.. care ful on the c-clip seat ring .. this is fragile

dowls back in , for the cover

with the cover still of .. best way to replace the shifter seal

cover on

new clutch cable on

mount the clutch cable straight.. so the outer cable rubber will not twist on the fitting.. as this will cause a sweating cable

after market clutch pack.. works better with a ATF oil type

adjusting the mechanism

and cover on

prootecting for the long run

old front pulley... meeeehhh this is a belt eater .. worn out and sharp

new 27 T pulley , will give some more kick accelerating