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7-9-2019 Visit from Swiss, service and repairs

22-9-2016 - 7-9-2019 Visit from Switserland, service and repairs Buell XB, Buell M2 bigbore first startup, Buell m2 2e try engine overhaul.

early morning arrival from Switzerland, cooling fan is broken (hence rocker cover gasket leaking ) bike running rough between 2500-3000 rpm and big service

heating up the bike, diagnose the intake seals are leaking a little ,

and the cooling fan is broken down by oil leaking fromt he rear rocker box

with a big service, you can combine allot off things... engine rotation, sparkplugs, intake seals rocker cover gaskets ... all in one go

not really happy with this breather mod... the wires are rubbing on the tps sensor harness

while the bike is very clean... the signs are visible in the cooling fan ( fuse is also broken )

as we suspected, old orange seals

will replace these with the new black seals... these are harder, and will not leak anymore

engine back up , rear off the bike supported, and rear schok out, to replace the cooling fan... and a little cleaning

smart modification on the M2... keeps the spray from the rear wheel off the oil tank

fuel tank back on

and she is smoking... nice first warm up... running nice

M2 again... crank alined again, now should work better, keep these rings with the bearings as there set to size by set

pulling on the outer bearing

and degreasing the case halfs before putting sealent on

pignon bearing back on prelube , and snap ring in place

cases back to getter i also mount 2 off the 5 gearbox bolts to let the gasket set

now making the bike ready... tail section off

nice modification, the electrics are out the way off wheel spray

fuel tank off... note not really a fuel tank clamp system ( should be retension plates in there )

naked.... rear in the hoist...

case mounted to the swingarm adaptor and front mount on

belt back in place and tightening the rear isolator bolts

5e gear... easy pulling this in with the jims tool

5e gear in place, a little starting lube in the bearings and on the seal lips

the spacer can be cleaned a little as this is hardened steel.. with a little scotchbrite you can clean off the old running marks

seal pressed in , squire o-ring in first

and than the spacer beveld side first

gearbox in

little silicone on the stator plug to help it seal

and stator on

gear shift mechnisme on for now, need to adjust this later

 and new woodfuss key in the crank pignon side

new tappeds, hole to the front or rear ;-) this case to the front ...

new o-rings on the lifter guide pins

and the lifter guide pin covers back on

timing the cams...

we already checked the oil pump... a little prelube to let it smootch better

loose fitting

with some hydrolic sealent, back in place

new gear cover cam seal

last change before the cover is on... prime the crank to feed the big end bearings ,

cam cover on , nice cut

and tq the cover down

timing cup in place

and pick up set to old settings...will check this when the electrics are on

starter motor on

and oil pressure feed hose to the oil filter housing

feed pressure hose on

cylinders on... don't forget the base gasket

checking the new piston pins in the rod ends... should move smooth with out play

checking the piston ringgap

these are good to go, as about 98% are with these sets... but alwasy check