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23-3-2016 XB small check, X1 leaks with a twist

1-5-2016 - 23-3-2016 XB small check, X1 leaks with a twist, XB12SS color change

Buell Xb12Ss in for small check, while it is warming up, check the battery connectoins

and drain the fluid, bike really douse not get much play time, oil is still very nice

checking old model side stand if the pivot is still tight

removing the covers to check the belt and check for leaking seals ( mainshaft )

old filter off, new filter on , just a little more than hand tight

loosening the rear axle to check the bearings.. i like to loosen the axle with the bike on the ground, as much force can be needed

check primairy chain tension, bike on a rear stand, shift to 5e gear

and bump the engine over with the rear wheel,

check fot tight spots, and adjust the free play on the tightest spot

this one needed a little adjustment, 1/4 allen and 7/8 spanner ( or 22 mm ) to lock the nut again

belt check .. all ok

wheel bearings look bad, but actualy they are in perfect condition , the grease is from the axle

front end check , removing the fender

for the front also, best to loosen the axle with the wheel on the ground righty loosy mind you !

brake caliper bolts loose to remove the front wheel

front bearings are good to go

wheel back in, and retighten the caliper bolts

with my walk inside with the bike in hand, i check and feel a few things , if you push these bikes allot you will feel a low pressure tyre, steering head bearings gone, with aplying the brake lightly you an feel for warps in the disk, and a hard brake test will tell if the steeringhead bearings knock ( lost there preload ) as it was in this case, with the front supported , loosen the lower triple t clamps bolts , so when you tighten the stem nut there is no tension building up in the steering head loo

loosen the steering stem pich bolt


mark the handle bar so you put it back the same way

little protection for the airbox cover

best done with 4 hands, lift the handle bar and loosen and retighten the stem nut to 55 NM

handle bar back on, and tighen the stem nut pinch bolt —

and retighten the lower clamps

brake fluid change and clean out the compensating membrame

some fresh brake fluid in front and rear

load the front suspention a few times to set the forks on the axle and tighten the axle pinch bolts

warming up for final oil level check and test ride

X1 fuel leak, with a twist ... sometimes i wished the problems where not as obvieus , so i would start the bike to check things ... :-X

so fuel leak... loose the cover and fuel tank to check under the tank

priming the fuel pump very clear the hoise clamp is not thight enough. easy fix

i check the other clamps to

and oil leak.. dead give away for leaking rocker base gaskets

little peak under the rocker box.. yup... old 2 part model paper gasket , they will all fail , nothing to it , simple and common job

fuel tsnk now needs to come off, put a bolt in the fuel hose, so it will not drain, the fuel pump it self will not leak

oil leak.. check wink-emoticon , the whole back end is covered in oil

so on we go, top cover off

usualy the spacer rings is sticked on so you pull bought off

tacktical napkin, loosening the rocker box will leak oil here

first the small bolts loose

than the big ones

old hard and cracked paper 2 piece rockerbox base gasket, leaking

celan off the old gasket carefull not to drop any pieces in the oil drain channels

checking the rocker arm shafts , there is a cut out in theme so the bolt will double up as positioning lock for the shaft, aline this with the bolt hole other wise you detroy the bolt ont he sharp edge

"new" really is not new anymore i think this is already a change from 14 years ago , the one piece rocker box gasket

old model rocker box bolts long and short ones, the new black bolts are the same lenght

rocker box back on start all bolt a few threads to aline it

now start tighten the 4 big bolts first, gently and evenly to the lifters have time to bleed , big bolts 22NM

and thighen the 5 small bolts 14 Nm , new gaskets in place

the head breather umbrella valve if it feels hard, replace it

the middle rings are the same front and rear , the position off the umbrella valve determins where it should go , for front and rear to the inside where the breather bolts are

and top cover back on

so fuel tank back on , and let here warm up for test ride to see if the gaskets are good.

wel i don't know if the customer did not hear this but after start up i hear metal things knocking right way.. so i shut the bike off , sound like connecting rod / big end bearing, magnet on stick in the oil tank... yup :-X need to call the owner , dham... i'm sure the owner heard this, as it is very loud metal klock .. i wonder why he did not tell this

xb12SS colour change

i fitted a temporary primary cover so the bike would not leak all over in the shop

as the customers cover was out for a new color, back in back

new shifer seal in, easy witht he cover off high spocket and tap it in

primairy chain tensioner back on

cover back on with a new gasket, tighten from the center spiraling out 14 Nm

cluch cable back in , hold it straight while mounting

now is a good time as every to put some never seas on the adjuster threads

some neverseas in the shifter shaft and the rubber ring back on

bike in 5e gear and rear wheel up in the air checking the primairy chain tension

but stock fender... remove it

i check some paint flaking... please tough it up... mnnnn after i removed the loose paint from the swing arm brace... this is a little to much for tought up , i even thing with the media blasting , prepaint , and paint a new one would be cheaper

any way small SS fender back from the paint shop , looking very nice as always

nice and subtile instread off the big stock fender