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12-2-2015 XR1200 repairs.

13-2-2015 - Harley Davidson XR1200 Repairs.

XR1200 repairs , rocker box removed we can dril the oversized hole for the repair insert.


XR1200 repairs , chamfering the edge, so the insert will go in flush.


XR1200 repairs , oversized tap for the insert.


XR1200 repairs , and screwing in the new steel insert, during racing we did this modification on our race bikes for the much used screw holes in Aluminium , much stronger, and you don't have to worry about pulling the treads out during a race.


XR1200 repairs , better than new smile-emoticon did bought right side holes, as the thread was also about to fail on the front one.


XR1200 repairs ,mounting back the rocker , line up the axles as the axle is protected against rotating by the bolt , but will hurt the bolt , trying to screw it in, and the axle is not alined.


XR1200 repairs , nice and flush.


XR1200 repairs , new gasket and a little lubriction starter help.


XR1200 repairs, make sure the head temperature sensor is free and not in between the cover and the head , i start all screws a litte so the cover and gasket line up good.


XR1200 repairs , and gently start tightening the 4 big bolts first, take it slow so the tappeds have time to bleed , after the 4 big bolts the 3 little ones and the 2 allen head screws.


XR1200 repairs , cover back on and tighten.


XR1200 repairs , front cover shows the same story ,, remove and fix.


XR1200 repairs , front rocker box inserts mounted and back on the bike.


XR1200 repairs , the threads pulled out, i recon if HD has used longer bolts this would not have happend , or made the aria around the hole just a little thicker.


XR1200 repairs , front cover back on.


XR1200 repairs with everything off... easy check if the throttle plate screws are still tight , we learned allot off these come loose.


XR1200 repairs , as precousing the customer asked to replace the belt tensioners, as he has heard from a bike who had pulled these out.


XR1200 repairs , new belt tensioner in, and checked the wheel bearings.



XR1200 repairs , and the locking clip back on.