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29-6-2016 Xb12S blowing fuses when starting, XB12S

15-8-2016 - 29-6-2016 Xb12S blowing fuses when starting, XB12S with electrical problem . xb12SX 2010 electrical issues ( IAT )

XB12S 04 came in with a electrical problem, battery fuse ( 30A ) is blowing out when you hit the starter button

off course need to check my self .... if the fuses really blow out :-)

but with a new fuse electrics start up , fuel pump primes , teller sweep .. so starter system ! ?

simple stuff first, starter motor broken or blocked ? solinoid switch wire off

testing ... fuse is ok ...

and gives some current ... relais ? ground ? not ok

simple check, jumper lead ground battery negative to engine,.. starter motor douse a little more but still blows the fuse !

ok still the old grey relais in.. problem started after a ride in heavy rain , the old grey relais are open to moisture ... and the start relais really needs to conduct some current to actuate the solinoid .. swap theme out in the fuse box... hehe works

ok new starter relais in. a watter tight one :-) and she is starting every time i hit the button...

running , i hear the primairy chain to loose

yep a little to loose

adjusting the primairy

notiched the side stand pivot bot is loose and on its way out... do your self a plesure if you still have the old screw in pivot pin.. check theme from time to time

i take the pivot pin out

check the threads iff there pulled or streched , this one is ok , so clean the threads lube and red loctite on

and a spring puller is really a + pulling on the side stand spring in place

chin spoiler back on

also use some loctite on these screws.. these engines vibrate 

next... Xb12S 07 model customer has replaced the tps sensor , but keeps comming up as a active error

mnnn throtte closed should be about 5 deg...

active error

mnnn... and head sensor tells the ecm the engine is so hot the fan starts to blow , have not even started the bike yet !! as all the sensor readings are off ( also the intake air sensor ) , ground problem ? or voltage problem ( ecm )

sensor volt on the ecm should show 5 volts ... it douse not

top sensors ( BAS, IAT, TPS ) sensor grounds and all feeds checked all ok... the lower sensors , cam pick up and speed sensor disconnected

hehe... 5 volt from the ECM

and normal values readings ... ok whitch sensor, is messing up the readings.... never have seen a speed sensor do this .. so check the timing pick up sensor first

mnn measuring the cam timing pick up... looks ok

leave the speed sensor... put a new one in... set the tps correctly

and working :-)

my collegue did a service on a XB12SX 2010 model , iat sensor to ground showed up , the wire close to the sensor was broken , we repaired this one

and took care off the other nicks on the wire wher it was rubbing

and this one is also error free ... to morrow test ride:-)