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28-9-2016 X1 fase 3 get 'r going, XB9SX mishap rep

7-10-2016 - 28-9-2016 Buell X1 fase 3 get her going, Buell XB9SX mishap repairs, Buell 1125 engine swap

X1 get 'r going, was a long time standing still , bad contact when drawing big current for starting 

ok that is one... broken off ground tab under the fuel tank , looks normaly connected untill you pull on the wire

tab broken off 

ok 1 fixed, next

as i have only 9 volts on the lead to the circuit breaker 

with the battery off , way to much resistance in the lead... as this is connected to the startermotor i will fist check this wire connection 

yep looks like this is corroced so bad it will not conduct enough when trying to start 

leads off , but the stud twisted , that is a problem 

as the stud is directly connected to the starter motor solinoid contact 

cleaning, and lined up the contact in the startermotor... now only 0,5 Ohm resistance good in my book

start up... running on 1 cylinder... i bet the plugs are fouled 

old plugs out and new ones in 

and she is vibrating :-) need to say running nice after so long 

ass. cooling fan on this X1 rare to see... fase 4, 5 and 6 will be media blasting the frame and recoating and overhaul the engine i think 

fender eliminator... badly positioned seat lock... as it is stuck again, ill put some thick silicone grease in

little cleaning and pump full with grease to dirt and watter spray will not penitrade

some new wellnuts for the left cover

front brake fluid... hope i can get the screws out 

finaly a bit off luck with this bike, will bin these 

ok needs a little more than fresh brake fluid :-( 

front cleaned up and made good again, don't forget the rear

and time to test ride ... unto her new life 

little mishap crash repair XB9SX

shifter rubber

left peg broken off 

frame puck had soem scars, factory stick on...usualy means taking the old one off is a pita

as the outer will come off, the innerts will stick on

half hour further , peeling off the old double sided tape. new puck on 

pivot broke off the clutch, heat up the raiser so the loctite on the screw will come loose , and you will not slip in the philips screw

handle bar has a slight twist in it 

and the bar end has a ding in it 

new bar on, and right side stuff mounted back 

left side back on

a 2010 airbox is mounted, the crash did make the horn button make a mark on the cover

but as it is under the decals, the customer just wanted new decalls on

left custom bar end put on agian, ( to hold the handguards and a bar end mirror 

1125 engine swap 

engine unpacked and in a stand so it is more stable

i start with the waterpump cover , as the one on the engine is damage , new seal in and with hoses and all on the engine 

the engine was stripped from most parts, so sensors from the old engine over in the new one 

while my collegue was working on a small service on a nice 1125r ( with CR front end ) 

intake manifolda on , with new rubbers

funny how you start to regocnise bolts , if you have take apart a few ;-)

injector line + injectors back on

thermostat and throttle bodies back in

rear header on 

engine came with our pully, will replace the seal 

and o-ring on the bolt

cleaning the mating surface a little with some scotch brite and pully on 

ignition cover looks also like shyte , will take it off any way to inspect the stator / rotor

as the old engine rotor is about fubar... will mount the new rotor back with a oiljet hole 

spark plugs look very nice

and just checking the valve play.. perfect

as douse the front aswell... very nice engine