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14-12-2018 XB12SS belt, XB front mount EBR 1190RX

4-6-2019 - What did we do today: 14-12-2018 Buell XB12SS belt, Buell XB front mount, EBR 1190 RX building

trailered in by road service..

wear ? 

or stone chip 

naah this is wear , need to look up . but think this is still the first belt

a look around the bike.. been a long time since it was in.. missing some pieces , exhaust clamp is corroded away

from this side still looks ok .. but nothing to hold — 

anyway for the belt, axle pinch bolt loose, and axle loose

checking front pully on wear with 60000 km needs some inspection

footpeg right side loose 

axle out

and swingarm brace loose 

always check the wheel bearings !!! , these needed replacement 

new belt on

new bearings in the wheel , swing arm brace on.. and tighten the axle

front strap old 

will mount a stainless steel one 

front connection is better now 

this was a uniek option with these exhaust... right side

or left side 

or middle off course :-)

front mount broken 

front mount broken 

rubber is gone

clutch cable bracket of 

and old mounting bolt off 

the metal insert is loose in the rubber. making noise when engine braking

new mount.. red loctite on the head bolts 

neverseas on the mounting bolt 

66 nm on the all 3 bolts , and she is ready 

ebr.. airbox cover on 

and left fairing piece / mirror 

the glued coolant reservoir is good, feels good , had my doughts as this is hard material to glue 

right side fairing

customer asked for double bubble screen , putting the well nuts in

and mounting the screen 

new indicators rear 

these are rear / brake and indicator 

so need some electricati to check.

battery in 

and pulling trought the indicator wires —


passenger seat strap on 

seat lock and fuse box bracket 

and passenger seat on 

every time i surprice my self... freaking heavy piece of metal 

best to remove the side astand to mount the original exhaust 

slided on 

temperary exhaust holding tool 

right foot peg bracket on 

and mounting the exhaust bolts 

the new tips ready to be mounted